A quick 5 Q&A with Christina Norwood and PLV! :D

This weeks Red Bubbler up for a quick 5 Q&A interogation is Christina Norwood!

Now, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this charismatic Melbournian who is so well spoken and had me completely enthralled in our conversation!

Check out some of her thought provoking work

Anyway, enough with chit chat and on with the Q&A with this talented woman!

PLV – Name five people who have had an influence on your life (whether it be personal or artistic) and why?

My shrink. ‘Nuff said.
Amanda Hides, istock photographer. I’ve never met Amanda, but it was reading an interview with her that lead to my taking my photography so much more seriously than I previously had. Ultimately this has lead to just about everthing worthwhile I’ve done in photography in recent years.
Jessica O’Bryan, my former singing teacher. She helped me find my voice.
Patrick Walton, program manager for the computer science course I studied several years ago. He encouraged me to continue, and at the end of it he offered me a job. Best job I’ve ever had.
Sneakng two in here – my kids. They have made my life worth living.

PLV – Name five people you would like to have over for a dinner party and why and also what you would cook for them?

I won’t name them, but my five friends and fellow travellers on the path less travelled. Beef fondue with bread, salads, and spicy dips. Good pinot.

PLV – Name five songs that changed your world (if not songs then bands or singers)?

Mediaeval Baebes – got me back into singing after I thought I never could again
Fairport Convention (particulary Sandy Denny/Richard Thompson era) – produced my all-time favourite songs
Bruce Springsteen – his music got me through a very dark period in my life
Kristina Olsen – truly inspiring live performer and very strong woman
Bob Dylan – should have got that Nobel prize for his songwriting.

PLV – Describe yourself in five words!

Crazy, patient, self-absorbed, analytical, well-matured.

PLV – List 5 things about you that we would have never guessed!!

I have a twin sister (not identical).
I have worked as a medical scientist, testing blood for mother/infant incompatibility and blood transfusions
I’ve worked as a postman in London
I hate bananas
I made a harp, although I can’t play it.

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