A quick 5 Q&A with Sarah Lombart and PLV! :D

This weeks Red Bubbler up for a quick 5 Q&A interogation is Sarah Lombart

I am always moved by her written works and visual imagery, she is an amazingly talented and gorgeous young woman!

Anyway, enough with the niceness, lets get busy with the lyrical!

PLV – Name five people who have had an influence on your life (whether it be personal or artistic) and why?

1. My mum.She died in 1996, but she gave to me the strength to believe in my dreams. She said “you are an artist, it will take time, but I know you’ll succeed”. So, I chose artistic school, whatever other members of my family thought about that, and I have never regretted it…
2. One of my High School professor, Claude Sinte. A little man, always in black, who gave to me the opportunity to go 3 weeks to Bratislava Academy of Arts.And it was the most marvellous and strong experience of my 20th…
3. A friend of mine, called Sanjin Jaganjac, who lives in Seattle.Met on photoforum.A great photographer.And who still give me strength when I’m feeling sad… And advised me for the purchase of my camera. My “ace of hearts” :)
4. My friend Frédéric Pourbaix, who draws, writes, plays guitar, who’s a theater actor…and who asked me, last week, to work with him…for a common exhibition !
5. My Ashtanga Yoga professor…a great woman, who helps me to cure my soul…

PLV – Name five people you would like to have over for a dinner party and why… and also what you would cook for them?

1. My friend Sanjin, to talk together, eyes in eyes for the first time since 4 years…and I’d cook some rabbit with Chimay, a Belgian beer, with honey and apples, then a Belgian chocolate cake
2. With a French famous actor, Fabrice Lucchini, because when he talks, you are at the theater…so clever, humourous, funny guy!!!! And I’d cook rolled meat , cheese-topped dish, a green salad then sherbet of lemon
3. With Michaël Bubblé, just because I love his voice, I love crooners ;) And maybe I’d cook lobster with white butter and chive, and after soup of peaches with champagne.
4. With my cousin, Isabelle, just to talk about men who make us cry…and we’ll eat pizzas and brownies…and kilos of vanilla ice cream…
5. Prince Charming, if only he exists…to talk about men who made me cry…and he’ll cook for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLV – Name five songs that changed your world… (if not songs then bands or singers)?

1. Requiem of Mozart. A fabulous way to believe in life…even if we know we’ll die…
2. Carmina Burana of Carl Orff. Because I danced on it when I was at the Classical Dance Academy. A great moment…on scene, with real singers just behind dancers.I was 10 years old…and I didn’t realize at that moment that it was fabulous to be there.
3. Hotel California. My first slow, my first love story…I’ll never forget.
4. Cold Play. Specially “When Kingdom Comes”. Just listen to it…it’s the story of all loves…
5. Edith Piaf. “Je ne regrette rien” . ”I don’t regret anything”. Or “La foule” , “The crowd”. Hard to chose one of her marvellous songs…a great Lady of French music.

PLV – Describe yourself in five words!

Oh, God…
1.clever (yes…I know, it seems to be conceited but I assume).

PLV – List 5 things about you that we would have never guessed!!

Oh, oh……..ok, I chose
1. I was a champion of rally, in Belgium, as co-pilot (navigator). And I drove a Porsche Grand Tourisme on the circuit of Zolder,Belgium. Soooooooo long ago!
2. I fell in love with a man, just hearing his voice on my cellular phone. It was a wrong call..but he called me back next day…and we had a short love story, short but romantic.
2a. I do love my job, and my students specially like my humour…teenagers need to be trusted, need the truth, all the truth…and I say to them “life is hard, you’ll need to fight, you’ll cry, shout, think it’s over…but always think it’s a marvellous present…and take care of it, care of yourself…and love…”
3. I like leather clothes…and I wear often them, even at school…hey? I’m only 37!!!!
4. I speak to my cats, to trees, flowers, to the sky, to the sun…because I’m sure they understand. If they don’t……..never mind. I like to do it :)
5. I have a ghost in my house. It’s an old farm, build at the end of the 18th century. I feel him since I’m a young girl (I bought my parents’ house), and,yes,I talk to him too…and hope he’ll found peace one day…no,I’m not fool…. ;)

Take care!!!!

Kisses from Belgium…

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