Play Nice???

I cant help but put this journal on.

I have been insulted so many times this year.

Play nice? What a joke.

I am not standing to be insulted anymore.

If you have nothing decent to say about me or my work, then DONT BOTHER AT ALL.

You ALL know who you are.


Hi all.…

As I have said in previous journals and which you must be fed up with hearing by now, I have been busy again at my branch of the Royal British Legion, this time by scanning all the photographs in the Room of Remembrance and attempting to restore them if possible and edit them, so that they can be reprinted and re-framed.

There were 86 pictures in all, which included 5 VC’s, and can be seen here in thumbnails and as a collage.

Some of the pictures I could not do much with, as they were either too far deteriorated or were just newspaper cuttings.
However, there were some that I felt proud in what I had achieved, and although not 100% perfect, IMO, they still look good and a lot better than what they were.

As you can see from the examples below, one was full of scratches, and the othe

September 15th. B-o-B Day.

Before the Blitz, our tiny island was subject to the Battle of Britain, which gave birth to the line in a speech by Winston Churchill,
Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few, which referred to the RAF pilots facing the might of the Nazi Luftwaffe.

Some pictures can be seen in this link.

So as today is Battle of Britain day, please stop for a moment and think about those brave young men (many coming from occupied Europe, Poland, France etc, and the Commonwealth also) who defended us from the Nazi Menace.

To RAF pilots, past and present, thank you.

Today in History

71 years ago today, September 7th 1940, saw the beginning of the blitz, where literally every main town and city in Britain was targeted by the Luftwaffe.
This carried on almost every night until May 10th 1941.

Even today, Hitlers bombs are still creating havoc in our cities, with 2 UXB’s being found in Plymouth during the past 12 months.
These were found during excavations on building sites in the city.
The bombs, both found on separate occasions, were removed from the sites, taken out to sea and destroyed by a controlled explosion.

Since the end of the war, London and some other cities have become regular terrorist targets, namely the IRA and Al Qaeda, and although the threat from the IRA has subsided, life still goes on as normal, as it did all those years ago.

Some Statistics
The fol

A Sale

What a pleasant surprise.

Many thanks to the mystery buyer for purchasing a Photographic Print of Street Racer.

I am very pleased that you find my humble work worthy of such a purchase.

I hope that you are satisfied with the printed product when it arrives.
Again, many thanks whoever you are.

A Sale

I wish to convey my thanks to the lovely mysterious person who purchased a greeting card of
Beautiful Devon.

It pleases me that you find my humble work worthy enough to purchase.

I hope it brings you much pleasure.

Thank you again, whoever you are.


Exmouth Scooter Rally

Yesterday, 300711, Catherine and myself took a trip to Exmouth for the Scooter Rally held there.
There were hundreds of Vespa’s and Lambretta’s on show, some dating from the late 50’s and early 60’s, to the more modern variety of scooter.…

I have already submitted two pictures that are not in this journal, here and here, and decided to put some into a journal instead of boring you with lots of scooter uploads.

The atmosphere at Exmouth was fantastic and everyone who was there, were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

I hope you like the following pictures and if you get the chance to go to one of these rallies, then I recommend that you do, even if you were a ‘Rocker’ like myself, it’s all about the nostalgia.

I wish I could put all of the shots on here, but there are far too many


1 Mad

West Country group meet. Looe & Polperro

Hi all.…

Yesterday, Sunday July 24th, saw the West Country group meet in Looe & Polperro, SE Cornwall.

Those who attended were:-
Sue, David, Catherine, Phil, Angie and Bruno, Jay, Martin, Mike and his wife Sue, Neal and his wife Carol , Myself, Jason, his wife Donna, and their sons Josh and James.

The day began with the majority of us meeting at the car park/viewing area on the Devon side of the Tamar Bridge, before setting of to Looe.
Despite a few showers on the way down, the weather cleared and remained dry for our meet, and a good time was had by all.
It was great to see so many attend after all the organising I had to do.

The only disappointment is that considering the meet was held in Cornwall, not one Cornish member attended, but that didn’t spoil our fun.

Below are some pics of thos

Legionnaires Outing

A great relaxing day out to celebrate our successful exhibition last Saturday, I, along with three members of the Legion, namely David, Caroline and Catherine had a good few hours at Teignmouth Docks, courtesy of the Harbour Master & CEO Commander David M Vaughan OBE RN and some of his staff who you will see below.
We had a fantastic time and cannot thank them enough, and one of the best things about our trip, it was less than 5 miles from home.
Apart from taking us out on the river on one of the harbour boats, we were treated to a tour of the quayside also.…


Here are some fun pics of the day. Others will be submitted into my PF later.

More pictures can be found here.

Catherine climbing down the vertical ladder.
I like the way the blokes are not looking at her, but at the water, pro

Exhibition Success

Hi all.…

Well, what can I say.

Our exhibition at Dawlish RBL today, April 30th, was a great success with £23:50 coming from the admission fee, plus an extra £14 coming from a raffle of a Joby Gorillapod donated by great friend and fellow bubbler GrandmaMattie who also donated some greetings cards and a small framed print that will be sold at a later date, with all the proceeds going to the Poppy Appeal.

The exhibition started with a VIP hour before opening to the public, where the president of Dawlish RBL, Lt Cmdr Tom Elliot RN began the event by reciting the Ode to Remembrance which was followed by a minutes silence.
The invited guests consisted of Legion Officials, The Mayor of Dawlish, who officially opened the event, local councillors, our former MP Mr Richard Younger-Ross, a keen phot

Our Exhibition on Saturday, 30th April, and Blurb Book

Hello everyone.…

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter weekend.

Just a reminder that myself and Catherine are exhibiting at the Royal British Legion in our home town of Dawlish on the above date between 1200-1600hrs, with an admission fee of 50p which is for the Poppy Appeal.

Other members of the Legion Photography Section who are also exhibiting their work are:-
Caroline, David, and Bob, whom I thank most sincerely for their support and participation in this exhibition.

So If any of you are in the Dawlish, Teignmouth, Exeter area this coming Saturday, why not come along and support us?
You can find us HERE

Busy busy busy
In between making the stands for our pictures, getting pictures printed and mounted, running around trying to get sponsorship, designing and printing other posters and t

St George's Day.

It’s St Georges Day, 23rd April.
A day to feel pride in being English.
A day to fly the flag, so stuff the Politically Correct brigade, I don’t give a damn who I upset by showing pride in MY Country and MY religion.

Cry God for England, Harry, and St George.

Have a great day everyone.


Tyneham Meet. The whole story.

Yesterday, 27th March 2011, a ‘Fart of Photographers’ (Yes, that is the [my] official name for a group of photographers) belonging to the West Country group descended on the small deserted village of Tyneham in Dorset for a get together and take the odd picture or two.…

We couldn’t have wished for a better day and it was great to meet old friends again, and some new ones also.

A BIG THANK YOU to all those who attended.
I am sure that everyone had a great time.

Here is a picture taken by Catherine of some of us on the Beach at Worbarrow having a break.

Clockwise L-R.
Carol, Some Fat Bald Bloke, David, Clive, Phil, Jay, and Mat.

Those not in picture, Angie, Phil’s wife, and their lovely dog Bruno, who I am sure you will be seeing plenty of.

Again, many thanks to all who attended, and make thi

Rude Hosts

I have had enough of group hosts constantly spamming my work requesting that I submit it to their group WITHOUT leaving any comment about the work itself.

I have just had another such request posted on one, which was promptly deleted.

IF they had the decency to make a comment, then yes, I may have submitted it to the said group, but as they couldn’t be bothered, it was deleted.

Rant over.

Thank you.

A Fotolibra 'Sale'

I have just heard some fantastic news that one of my images on Fotolibra has been purchased by a retail magazine (Country Living) for a 1/2 page spread.
I was lucky to get this in as I was a day late for the deadline, and the picture has been in the buyers lightbox since the 22nd November ’10, so I was thinking that they had forgotten about me.

This has really made us happy as we had to splash out for the cars MoT today, and is a welcome bonus.

Here is the picture below, untouched, which is Langstone Rock at Dawlish Warren in Devon.

Thank you for reading this.


The Royal British Legion

Hello all.
Some of you may have noticed my association with the RBL recently, not just by putting up a few pictures of Remembrance Day, but by also being actively involved in my local branch, by being voted onto the committee and by starting a (now dont laugh) Photography Club at the branch, trying to organise an exhibition at the end of April, and starting a group on here for my branch.…

The main reason for me writing this journal is, have you thought about joining the Legion?
You can find your local Legion here or here if you dont know where your local branch is.

You may be interested to know that:-
You dont have to be an ex serviceman/woman to join.
There is more to the Legion than just selling Poppies.
Many branches hold regular entertainment.
Have weekends away.
Make new friends.
And many mor

St Georges Cross, Patriotism, and my Public Profile.

Hi all.…

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Some, or all of you, may have noticed a sudden outburst of patriotism in my work, and on my Public Profile also.

It started off by doing an early St George’s Day Card to try and generate some interest for this particular day, that is generally overlooked and seen as insignificant.
St George is Englands Patron Saint, and his day should be celebrated.

So, after a few comments by people, the inevitable comment was made about the cross representing the Antichrist. This comment, and many more from the same person on that particular piece of work, came from a non Christian from another country.
RB dealt with the offender and his vile offensive remarks, which were removed by admin.

Political Correctness applies to ALL races, religions, and colours,

A Sale and a great day out

Just got home from a great day out at Morwelham Quay with fellow bubblers Jay, Neal, and newcomer David.

It was the first time we had met Neal, and it was a pleasure to meet you my friend, and many thanks for making the effort.

It was also Davids first such excursion with us, so I hope that you had a good day also.

I now have a few hundred pics to sort out and post them all on RB. Only joking. LOL.

In addition to a great day out, I have made a sale.

Many thanks to the Mystery Buyer of a postcard of Sophie. Countess of Wessex.

I am greatly honoured that you find my work worthy of such a purchase, and I hope that you have great pleasure from it.

Many thanks whoever you are.

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