I feel no sense of purpose, no drive left to win,
I’ve lost the fire within me, I’m shattered from the outside, in.
No one looks familiar; there are voices in my head.
They pester all my dreams at night; to them I’m better off dead.

I can’t seem to muster the strength, to get out of this mess,
Where has all this come from? Wanting to be the best?
Dark forces surround me; they cover all my light,
I’m draining very quickly, can’t put up a fight.

I need the energy to stop this, but I don’t feel help at hand,
There is no one out there, no place for the trying man.
I’m crying deep within my soul, I’m trapped, alone and weak,
I want so bad to find my way, but my mouth can’t even speak.

I’m withering beneath you and still you hear no pain,
I’m dying with the gifts you gave me; I’m falling from the strain.
I needed your direction, months and months ago,
But now my feathers are broken and I have no place to go.

Won’t you lift me up from here, and take me to your home?
I am so very tired, abandoned, all alone…

Lisa .c

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