I'm lost, I'm Lost

Where are the words when you need them the most?
I’m lost, I’m lost, I need you close.
I’m hurting here, I’m feeling strain,
I’m lying deep within my pain…

I’m lowly now, I’m struggling to fight,
I’m on my own, it’s dark alright.
I just keep screaming but no-one hears,
I’m drenched in sadness from all the tears.

No-one gets it,
I’m on my own,
Nothing you can do,
will make me less alone.

You think you know me?
Well think again,
there is more to it,
than physical pain.

My heart is hurting,
it’s aching through,
I’m waiting for deliverence,
I’m praying too.

I’m hoping that the time will come,
I’m hoping that my work is done,
I’m begging that the God above,
Will come and craddle me with his love.

I’m waiting for direction just from him,
I’m sinking though, it’s looking dim,
I’m in the deep end, I’m swallowing the dirt.
All I know now is deep, deep hurt.

Forget all about me, just walk away
My strength is gone, I can no longer stay.

Lisa.c (a deep, deep sadness)

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