a long rush....

Living the Dream
Living the Dream

A rush runs over me, no sign of stopping
I feel my limbs, they are a popping.
Joy is in my life once again
I’m floating so free like a bird or a plane.

I’m up in the clouds, floating and gliding,
I can’t feel the ground, my heart is abiding
My energy soars; I’m fast as light,
There is peace within, no sign of a fight.

I’m rushing from here to there back again
I only see gain, I only see gain??
Where has it come from, this energy that ignites?
I’m fascinated by this feeling, bright light, bright light…

Spinning and twirling till hours of late
I’m dancing through life, no sign of deflate
I’m here! I’m alive! How wonderful the feeling
Feel my heart beat, I’m touching the ceiling …


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