About Dolphins

Hi everyone, There are about 32 different species of dolphins. Just recently the Yangtze also known as the Baji dolphin has just been declared extinct. It is the first large extinction of a vertabrate form more than fifty years, and the only species of (Dolphin,Whale or Porpoise) ever to be driven to extinction by human activity.

The Bottle-Nose Dolphin is the most common dolphin seen in the England Waters. Once we went out on our rubber dingy in Lyme Regis and there was a bottle-nose dolphin swimming aroung the boat….It was fantastic!

The Zooilogical Society of London (ZSL) has revealed that there were more than 100 Dolphin, Seal, and Porpoise sightings in the Thames last year (2006)

If you would like to support Dolphins visit www.wdcs.org . You can adopt a dolphin for just £3.00 a month.

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