Passionately Simple

The clock had barely struck six o’clock when she rose from her bed. There was a pale shiver of light on the horizon as the sun had not yet awoken. She placed a cigarette to her lips, lighting her addiction as she walked down the stairs. He was awake already, sitting on the couch while he greeted her softly and she let a smile play her lips before fetching a glass of water. He followed her back up to her room, remarking the dull longing of smoke in his lungs and reaching for his pack. She tossed him her lighter before pulling the covers around her cold frame.

He observed, offering his coat and smiling in such an innocent way; Her heart fluttered and melted as he tenderly stroked the fire of their memories. The very same fire that had always roared with pleasure inside of her, even from the slightest brush of his skin against hers. Always so coy, so unexpected their meetings always seemed, but in a way that left her wanting more, burning with lust.

In the minutes filled with drowsy conversation Mary-Jane was already coming out to play. She tempted with a slightly grinning welcome, eagerly awaiting the moment when they would fall happily into her embrace. There was quiet fumbling as they gathered their cigarettes and made for the much colder basement below. When at last they felt the courage to risk it, brilliantly shaped clouds of blue-ish smoke were filling the air. Time became meaningless and words seemed never ending. At first she sat upright in the bed, sighing contently while he laid beside her. Gradually she slipped into the soft surface of the pillow and warmth of his body. What started with shy centimeters between them evolved with the whispered flow of dreams.

She joked about being uncomfortable, but being the gentleman he is, adjusted the pillows, blankets and the position of their bodies. She lay facing the wall with her back curved into the hollow of his stomach, his left leg was draped across both of hers and below that was merely a knot of limbs. His chin rested atop her head, the scent of fruit filling his nose as one hand casually crept down to her thigh. She was aware of the sensation his touch provided and the heat that radiated from him, it spread like wildfire.

Unable to stand not gazing into the endless wells of his eyes she turned to face him, resting her cheek against his slender torso. He allowed her to rest one of her arms underneath him while their legs entwined like vines once again. For hours that passed as minutes often do they simply lie in the same position; conversations of deepest complexity, laughing spells or the pure affectionate silence where only the beat of their hearts disrupts it.

With the covers drawn right above their heads, it was a well heated cave that hid the two of them away. It was comfort, it was safe and so passionately simple in it’s innocence. While his mind raced with every new idea, thought and feeling, lying in the quiet serenity of the moment was soothing and not rushed, as all else in life seemed to be. She basked in his embrace, so like in the many dreams she’d had in the span of their friendship.

Al though she pulsed with desire and wanted nothing more than to taste and feel and explore him, her shy nature did not wish to ruin the beauty of simply being. Two poetic souls that did not fancy complicating matters or taking away the soft purity of what was happening. Moving was essential in time for temptation had left their mouths dry and M.J was calling again. She stood up and stretched , procuring water whilst managing to turn off the lights.

Once again sinking into the mattress, he fixed the covers and moved closer to the wall. They filled the cave with smoke and the low murmur of laughter, easing into oblivion with shining eyes. She cuddled closer to him, letting both of her legs rest on his left while his right remained slung over hers. His fingertips danced lightly over her skin, the calluses on his fingers sending bolts of pleasure through her body. Her hand played with the jean material of his inner though as his body accepted her touch.

No more deeply had she wanted him before, her strengthening hormones causing her insides to scream and wish to be fulfilled. His cheek was against hers as he traced circles on the small of her back and she curled her fingers delicately around his black hair, letting her touch stray to his face and neck when it seemed necessary. The setting was perfection, the romance emanated and the desire rose to a boiling point.

In one, peace shattering moment angry yells from her mother on the floor above them became audible. The moments of ecstasy were gone and the bitter twinge of another chance lost suddenly filled the room. She retreated to the sanctity of the top floor after making effortless conversation with her mother, still running heatedly with unsatisfied cravings. As sleep took her in and still flashes of the lust she felt for him raged on, a smile could not help but conquer her lips as she opened the gates to dreamland…surely he awaited her there.

Passionately Simple


LaSalle, Canada

  • Artist

Artist's Description

Something close to the heart, real and personal. I decided to put it in the observant narrative because at the time, all my thoughts seemed to be of someone looking in. The perfection of simplicity seemed too real, too deep…for me at least.

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