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Please Lend A Hand

Please Lend A Hand

Last Night i was speaking to AlexMac . We were just randomly chatting about photography and such. And then I found out that she’s doing a fund raising towards her best friends six years old daughter – Chloe Clinton. There is a special redbubble account for her – HopeForChloe

I’ll quote from that account:
“Miss Chloe Clinton.
She is just 6yo and she has the battle of her life ahead of her.She has been diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, and is now facing below the knee amputation on the 12th of December.Please show support to Chloe and her mum Priscilla and Chloe’s sister Angel.
50% of proceeds goes to the family Unless stated differently by the artist who donates their work,( will be stated in the blurb next to the image) which goes into a seperate account and will be made payable to Chloe’s mum Priscilla via registered mail and bank cheque. If you wish to donate anything towards this fund, please email me directly on keyline69@hotmail.com”

So, after i heard about that. I’ve offered to donate one of my prints towards this fund raising.

Thats one of my best piece, i’ve decided to take it outta sale on my account and uploaded it to that account. There is a behind story about Ambience, if you would like please click on the photo above and read it, its about helping other people. And besides what i donated, there is also other work from other artists to choose from.

Alright, done being nice. Get your credit cards out and buy something from that account. You get your piece of art and also you can help change the poor girls future. Everybit counts. Doesn’t matter if you only gonna buy a card. You know what i really think? We’re all grown ups, we know how much life sucks. And if there is something we can do to help someone elses life and make it better, do it.

Please and Thank You


Derek W

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