Exploring Red Bubble

I spent an amazed half an hour or so the other day reading the responses to an image mick8585 had put up on his site expressing his feelings about the USA. I was actually really impressed that the debate happened at all. It seems there are a lot of really passionate and intelligent people in the Red Bubble community, as well as a few ….shall we say…slightly obtuse ones, but everyone has a right to express their opinion. That’s why we call it “freedom of speech”.

As a newcomer, it was quite an insight for me into what other levels of RB are out there to explore, and I think it’s extremely encouraging that a debate like that could happen across national borders, and between (relatively) ordinary people.

Of course, I’m just a nature worshipper who believes that everyone should stop driving cars, hug trees and grow their own food, so what would I know?

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