Patriotism/ Venting pt.2

I love my country very much, I am so proud to be a Canadian and it saddens me to see it going down the drain.
First of all we didn’t start the war, didn’t get attacked directly, why is our nose in the fight then?
Our troops are supposed to be there making a peace effort, yet when your in that zone they don’t care who you are.
If you are not supposed to be somewhere you wouldn’t be, if you are its all the same to someone trying to prove their beliefs.
We lose our family and friends everyday for Mr.Bush? I’m sorry but that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard and he got elected twice! whos smoking the crack??
Who are we to say that another country has to live a certain way? My son has got quite a bit of Cree ( Native North American) in him and its sad to think that this whole country was taken away from his ancestors. They should have just kept on killing everyone that showed up in boats! It was the compassion of one cheif that allowed their whole world to be taken. Now 200 years later mankind STILL hasn’t learned anything!
Hello talk about needing a wake-up call.
I know that its kinda hard to reverse things now but, our whole planet is in need of our intelligence and we’re squabbling over land and government that isn’t going to be here in a hundred years anyway???
Its going to come to the point where no one will get “time off” we will be working 24/7 just to clean up the mess we’ve created.

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