Bad Days

The Feelings getting stronger
Like something clouding in
All the hate you can hold
Just washing me down…..
way down into the very pit of the bottom of your soul
why? what did I do?
Dark is just a feeling,wanting to explode
wishing it would go away, everything
Dont want to draw attention, just wish someone would notice
How very small my care is getting
The field would be nice just an open space, no obstuctions
oh to be an opening and not just a bottle
To stand arms spread out and scream at the very limit of my organ
then cry, cry to the point it kills all the grass making it brown with shame
wishing it could cure my anguish it would grow back the next year green
then when its all gone all the cloudy darkness
let someone know me , my very essence
thats really all I need
but those who understood are gone, happpier now
time just ticks away until lifes greatest accomplishment,’
peace and quiet
but that damn tick, its like lying under a board while something jumps on it
I want the carefree goodness again, freedom
but this works makes things seem better, for now
it’ll all pass just like the clouds

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