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My pugs...a formal introduction;

I’m so excited that my pugs have caused such a stir! I love them to death, and I’m glad that others do to. So I feel it’s only proper that I introduce them formally.

The black pug is Cali (short for Calista Alexis). She will be 7 on September 20th. I got her as a Christmas gift from my husband in 2000. She has been my baby ever since. She was born in North Dakota, spent 5 years in Okinawa, Japan, and is now with us in Maryland. She’s a world traveler!

The fawn pug is Bailey, short for “Bailey O’Pug.” She is so named because she was caught downing a glass of Bailey’s Irish Cream. She is a rescue case from Okinawa. We are the 8th family that she has had. Every other family she’s had has abandoned her. I swore that I would never do that to her. So Bailey made the 7000+ mile move from Okinawa to Maryland with us in February. She was such a trooper!

Now both of my baby girls are happy and spoiled in our home. My family would not be complete without them! I hope you enjoy my photos of them and continue to check in periodically for more!

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