Has RedBubble become irrelevant for photographers?

Over the last year I have seen a steady decline in RedBubble towards the photographic arts. People that I am following seem to be submitting less works and there are less active comments or favouring.

Photography can be a high volume art medium, where a photographer can produce 2, 3 or more stunning images in a day, while other art mediums can take weeks to produce one artwork. So photography groups are more active than art groups. This along with certain tools being removed from group management has made photography groups more of a chore to manage than a pleasure. This has resulted photographers losing interest in RedBubble.

I am even considering dropping out of hosting the groups I do. Some of the I’m the only active host and they will just die if I leave.

RedBubble bubble seems to be so orientated to the Tee-Shirt business model, every banner on the site is Tee-Shirt related or drawing related. Even their Facebook and Emails are all Tee-Shirt related. Other than your activity feed, when was the last time you got a RedBubble email that had photography in it?

It come to the stage that maybe I should just give RedBubble a miss, I get more interest in my photos over at Flickr, and what is more there is more discussion in the groups I am part of there. I’m even a moderator in 3 of them and it’s a pleasure because I get to help people…


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