Disney and LucusArts

Hi All…

Well Disney has not wasted any time since they brought LucusArts, Last week I got a DMCA for 6 of my works that featured Members of the local Star Wars fan club dressed in their costumes. These were brought by these members and photographed by me.

Well tonight i got one for my 7 year old son’s account on RedBubble for a picture he also took of these members of the local club. this time they didn’t even bother saying who it was for.

I feel that Red Bubble should do more to protect it’s members from this type of harrasment. I took the picture, i didn’t not copy any of their stuff. The copyright belongs to me. They may or may not own the copyright on the costume, but the law says i have copy right on the image.

Anyway, i can’t fight it, its a shame RedBubble isn’t this quick when we c

Has RedBubble become irrelevant for photographers?

Over the last year I have seen a steady decline in RedBubble towards the photographic arts. People that I am following seem to be submitting less works and there are less active comments or favouring.…

Photography can be a high volume art medium, where a photographer can produce 2, 3 or more stunning images in a day, while other art mediums can take weeks to produce one artwork. So photography groups are more active than art groups. This along with certain tools being removed from group management has made photography groups more of a chore to manage than a pleasure. This has resulted photographers losing interest in RedBubble.

I am even considering dropping out of hosting the groups I do. Some of the I’m the only active host and they will just die if I leave.

RedBubble bubble seems to be

Lost My Mojo

I think i have lost my Mojo……

Last weekend I went out with Mr Keef to take some shots, the subject that i was looking at still had contruction works going and was not ready after all.

So we went for a walk and I took a few shots, turned out i had the wrong settings for half the shoot (never happend before, must be to use to the a77). Took only a small number of shots. This is compared to being use to take 4 times as many as Mr Keef. I also just stood around while Mr Keef took quote a few more shots.

I didn’t even use my tripod because i could not be botherd to set it up, in the end i did, but only took a few shots of a tree…

After all that i still have not even looked at the shots, let alone put them on HDD…

With work and family i have not got the time or energy to take shots anymore, Even

Melburne to Perth an Back

I have always wanted to drive across the Nullarbor from Melbourne to Perth via Adelaide. It’s a 3,420km or 37hrs straight driving, I plan to do it in 5-6 days. Take our time and stop and take a lot of photos.

But if we go one way we need to come back, and it would be boring just to go back the same way. So a mate that has expressed interest in coming along suggested we come back via Uluru. The best way to do that is via the Great Central Road. This is a graded dirt road which passes though the center of Australia.

I find the 4,377km 75hrs return trip to be very daunting, but once again we will stretch it out to 5-6days and it should be very spectacular when we stop to take pictures. I am also told and will have details of the wonderful wild flowers that grow in the are at the time we wi

Been Busy

Hi All

Well someone here must have notice i have not been online much of late.

Well i have been working hard, shifted houses and now only only Mobile Broadband (4gig only, down from my 500gig before) so i have been keeping a low profile.

Hope to be back to full strength soon.

To my fellow hosts, sorry i have not been putting in as much as i need to…


Sony a77 First Month Review

So just over a month ago I got myself a Sony a77 Body only. I didn’t bother with the 16-50mm Kit Lens as I already had the SAL1680Z lens and didn’t feel the need for the overlap.…

Well I now have had a chance to really get to know this camera and I can tell you it’s fast. It’s also very fun to use.

High ISO
Let’s start with the ISO, the range is 50 to 16,000. This is a huge range of ISO for any camera. Now there has been a lot of rumours about how good the high-ISO noise is. This has given a lot of people false expectations on the amount of noise that is produced by the senor. This has in turn resulted in a lot of complaints about the actual not meeting their expectations. In truth I believe the noise produced by the 24mega-pixels APS-C sensor is about the same as that of the a900 24 mega-p

First Impressions of the a77

Very First Impressions of the a77
So I have been watching the development of the a77/a65 for some time now and decided I wanted it. So when I saw it at an Australian online shop at $AU650 cheaper than the price in a retail shop. With only a 3 day wait. I jumped at it.…

Well, turned out to be a bit longer than 3 days, ordered early Monday and it arrived at about lunch time on Friday. Still that’s months before I could get it from the retails store.

Yes it was shipped from Hong Kong, but the fact that the online has a pick up addresses in Sydney is comforting.

Where I came from
Back in the late 1980s, early 90s I use to have many SLRs all of which were Minolta branded, this is before Konica took them over and it became Konica Minolta.

But in the early 90s it became too much to print the films

They are trolling RedBubble Now

Just got this loverly email from some troll saying they found me on RedBuuble and wanted to start a relationship with me…. Ha Ha Ha…

So those that have emails in their profile watch out…

i have removed the address

Hello Dear,
My name is Miss Livna and i am a beautiful young girl faithful, loving, tender and very caring.i saw your profile (,) and love your person, Today i am happy sending this mail to let you know that i really want to build up a good relationship together with you,and it will look good if you drop your mail for me to contact you back as well,i will be waiting to hear from you any time,Please try and contact me back through my email address (livna_edward@xxx) So that i can tell you more about myself and know about you too,

Sold 1 x Matted Print

Today i sold a Matted Print of my Half Moon Raising to an Anonymous Buyer…

This is great as tomorrow is actually my birthday, so not a bad present for the day…

Thanks So Much to the Buyer who brought it…

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait