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Odessa, United States

Photography to me is a way to preserve the astounding wonders of our world. It is a way of bringing life to lifelessness, to stir our...

( 36 ) To All My Red Bubble Friends

Hello, Everyone

Just wanted to send out a short note to let ya’ll know that I will get to all of ya’lls wonderful images as soon as I can ! I have falling way behind do to not being on that much in the last week due to health Problems . I am okay just in alot of pain and can’t sit at the desk that long. To Put long story short A doctor messed up my back pretty bad about 9 years ago and have been disabled ever sence and live in constant pain . Please don’t feel bad for me as I have learned a long time ago to deal with what he did to me and all the pain and new way of life ,and my renewed passion for photography has really help alot in being able to do this ! I’m just having a bad week with the pain right now and hopefully I will have it back under some what manageable levels again soon and get back to what i love doing ..Taking photo’s and seeing the beautiful world through everyones eyes on here.!! Hey I have to its Spring time , everything is just comming back to life !!Sorry this was a little longer then I intented it to be , but didn’t want ya’ll to think I just stopped looking at your photos! And if the comments should ever slow or stop again ..Please know this is the only reason why !

Ya’ll have been the best group of artist I have ever come across on the net !! and Hope to learn everything I can from each and every one of ya’ll!!

Okay I am done rambling LOL LOL …Ya’ll Have a Wonderful Night and or day depending on where your at !!

Happy Shooting To You All , Carla

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