Carla Jensen

Odessa, United States

Photography to me is a way to preserve the astounding wonders of our world. It is a way of bringing life to lifelessness, to stir our...

( 34 ) To all My Red Bubble Friends

Good Morning Everyone!!

I just wanted to send out a note to let ya’ll know that for some reason I am unable to access my Overview page !! This started yesturday and it still is not fixed !! I was able to get to here to write this note by going through my bubblemail and also to my art page and catch up on some comments that were left on my work ! But I am not able to bring up any of ya’lls new photos !!!! But as soon as they get this fixed I will try and get caught up on them asap, so please bare with me as I have not forgotten ya’ll !!!

If anyone knows whats going on with this can you please fill me in ? I have let them know about the problem but have yet to hear back from them !

Thanks and Happy Shooting to one and all , Carla

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