Challenge Results - April 09

I woult like to thanks the following groups and those who voted in the challenges;

Currency Real or Play
That’s Entertainment
World’s Smallest Sand Dollar

Food Fun
That’s Entertainment Group
#4Got Peanuts

Funny Things…..Naturally
That’s Entertainment Group

  1. The Michelin Man was here

Letters in Nature
The Woman Photographer

  1. The Top

US Capitol
US Challenges Only

  1. The Capitol

Fun on the Job
That’s Entertainment

  1. RenFen #2 Medieval Ventriliquist

Flower Fun
That’s Entertainment

  1. Iris Fairy Dancing in the Garden

Fine Art
Georgia Artists Revealed

  1. Majestic Horse

Let’s Hunt Butterflies
Scavenger Hunt

  1. Take 10 Paces

Natures Best
Survivors & Friends

  1. Bees buds & butterfly oh my

Black in Back
That’s Entertainment

  1. Horsin Around

Historic Landmarks
That’s Entertainment

  1. Helping Hands

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