Challenge Results - Jan 09

I participated in several challenges and below are the results..

PC Survivors & Friends Group
Candles & Candlelight Challenge
Votive Tower
Congrats to Kathy S. Guillentine, winning the challange with ’The Light"

Both Sides Now Group
Feb Avatar Challenge
You Are My Sunshine
Congrats to Luca Enoldi, winning the challenge with “Sunrise on the beach”

Impressive Iris’s Group
Shades of Purple Challenge
Favorite Flower
Congrats to Tom Newman, winning the challnge with “Iris II”

Simply the Best Group
Best Butterfly or insect MACRO Challenge
Congrats to a~m for winning the challenge with “It Turned”.

PC Survivors & Friends Group
Bridges Challenge
Congrats to peaceofthenorth for winning the challenge with “Bridge”
Thanks to the Hosts Lisa and Nancy for the Artist features for the top 3 winners of the challenge.

Bubble Boutique Group
Show Off your Hats Challenge
My Ears are Warm
Congrats to Corinne Pouzet for winning the challenge with “La Parisienne”

Thats Entertainment Group
Fun Detail Challenge
Congrats to muratodentro for winning the challenge with “Sunrise in the Mirror”

Thanks to all who voted and participated in the challenges.


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