Get Used To School Shootings

Get used to school shootings. Get used to people being killed in large quantities. Understand that with the way our American society operates, these events will only become a more flagrant and painful tragedy with each successful bastardization and exploitation of the bottomless well of human ignorance.

I feel compelled to write this because of recent events that have clearly brought to light an inexcusable trend in modern society. Regardless of ethnicity, religion, or any other physical/ethical differences, this applies to everyone who considers themselves a human being. There is an enemy that far exceeds the sadistic and manipulative breadth of many dictators and tyrannies we’ve come to know well.

The responsibility and behavior of the human race is solely dependent on the individual, and this responsibility can only be addressed by the individual. Entertainment is simply entertainment, just as nature is nature. It is up to the consumer to identify and understand, and furthermore, comprehend the difference between reality and fiction. We’ve become accustomed to instant connections, instant knowledge, and worst of all, instant fame. It is not the responsibility of the film-maker, musician, or designer, to make sure you conduct yourself morally and behave like a rational human. It never will be.

Every time you turn on your television and watch a news program, every time you allow a political party to make decisions for you, even if you disagree with them, you are harming your species. Every time you attempt to become famous, attempt to use your life as a brand, or knowingly watch completely empty television; when you choose to be uninformed and uncaring, willingly ignorant, you harm me. You harm every person you interact with. You are the reason children get shot in schools, you’re the reason that media outlets squabble and fight like petty children for ratings, completely indifferent to the purpose of news, which is the sharing of viable, useful information. People choose to kill others not by the influence of entertainment, but by the influence of whatever could garner them even a miniscule sliver of the repugnant American spotlight that has been over-glorified by every simple minded, numb skulled socialite savage that decides to take it seriously. You’ll remember the name of every person who did the killing, you’ll remember them clearly, you’ll remember them as “monsters” and “despicable criminal psychopaths” but you remember them. You, by extension, are no better. You choose to ignore the names of the innocent victims, those who died pointlessly, used at a stepping stone for fame. With news organizations, the murderers and the media will walk hand in hand, skipping into the warm, sinister glow of the social spotlight, immortalized by our fascination and determination to make perfect a world that could never sustain a perfect society. We would much rather blame “violent video games”, “film violence” and “violent music” for the appalling behavior of the human race. Keep in mind, first person shooters didn’t exist when six million people of the Jewish faith were exterminated without hesitation. Death metal has no identifiable foothold in Africa, where women’s genitals are removed with spade shovels. When Ed Gein never saw The Dark Knight, and Jack the Ripper had no clue who Quentin Tarantino is.

What am I highlighting here? It’s simple. The disconnect, the blame, the hypocrisy. We’re so quick to blame anything but what is at fault. Ourselves. We are innately evil, by nature, dreadful. These kinds of catastrophes are a part of our existence, it’s an aspect of the human element. The chaotic element. Everyone has it in them, some people have a more pronounced tinge of it, while others have no indication of it. It’s part of our uniqueness. It’s just something we’re going to have to come to terms with. It’s sad, that what would otherwise be a spectacular expression of the beauty of nature, the inquisitive, genuine all powerful influence of the cosmos, has been befitted with such a terrible, detrimental quality. But we can choose to not aggravate it, to soothe it, to make it an obsolete characteristic of an otherwise magnificent accident of the universe.

I find it hard to believe that an influx of media that has respectably flourished within the last 40 years can be held responsible for close to 150,000 years of human existence. What I find very easy to believe, is that our reaction this violence has changed due to the media. We hold ourselves, our species, in very high regard. Those who do wrong are people who could have been “fixed” with antidepressant medication, mood elevator drugs, and antipsychotics. We’re not going to be fixed if we immortalize those who do the killing, who commit the crimes. News outlets are the worst perpetrator of violence, because as they identify and glorify those who slaughter innocent children, they make themselves out to be fair and impartial humanitarian journalists. They are not. They are scum, garbage, the absolute worst filth you can know. As long as they exist, they will only exacerbate the violence and encourage more to do likewise. Potential psychopaths are now aware that they can make their murderous rampage that much more enjoyable, now that they will almost be guaranteed a celebrity when it’s all said and done. Liked or not, you know their names, and probably won’t forget them for a long time. As long as you know their names, you encourage this to happen. It’s a shame, that such a useful tool for knowledge and information has been alienated from its purpose, and now used for ratings, financial gain, and empty programming. It wouldn’t be so bad, if you all didn’t take it to heart. Television shows that glorify idiocy and vanity are fine, but they require a very delicate context. It’s not real life. Video games aren’t real life. Movies aren’t real life. And if you can’t tell the difference, then you’ll probably end up killing some children or yourself. Let’s hope it’s the latter.

Get Used To School Shootings

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