The Nature of Infinity/Deliberate Self Evolution

I fancy myself a thinker, and sometimes that’s something I wish I could say I was not. if intelligence were a switch, I could honestly say I would turn it off. It begins to chip away at what i think is my soul, night after night, lying awake, looking at my lightning disc and thinking about space, quantum dynamics, death, time paradoxes and a plethora of other thought churning concepts. What good could come from so much thought?

But on the other hand, I enjoy being an intellectual person. Being a nerd by today’s standards is not quite as reprehensible as far as middle school morals tend to reach. Sure, the over the top ultra-geek with his adding machine, coke bottle glasses and abhorred acne poured like curdled milk into a plaid shirt underneath suspenders is worthy of all critical degradation, by appearance only. I just don’t understand how people insult intelligence.
Nights like I’ve described are quite tiresome, as you begin to slip in and out of logical cognition, only to be awaked by some meaningless revelation that will be soon be forgotten upon finally, after three to four hours of attempting to sleep through a self-performed physics lecture. Christ, that gets old quickly. You’d think the eyes would roll back and the lids would flutter like a short circuiting cartoon robot, but no. Lectures and dissertations seem to be at their most tiresome when someone else is telling you how it is.

I’ve recently found myself toiling over the ‘nature of infinity’. An infinite amount of monkeys on typewriters will eventually type up some Shakespeare, and produce god knows how much airborne feces. Excrement aside, the logic is marvelously infallible. So much so, that the very idea of our universe being similar to the presented example scenario is extremely comforting to me. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my brain, along with everybody else’s on this earth, will not understand infinity, only theorize it. Ever since this revelation, I’ve been a lot more conclusive with my thinking. This includes, but is not limited to unifying the law of conservation and the matter cannot be created or destroyed theory. I’ve solved the creation of the universe by saying:

Eliminate the concept of a beginning, and eliminate the concept of an end. It never started, and it will never stop. The big bang was just one among an infinite number of explosions followed by universal contractions, and endless, perpetual cycle of condensing and expanding nebulae and matter that was always there. The universe is a perpetual motion machine because it delivers no energy to its surroundings since; after all, the universe is absolute.

There. The law of conservation and the beginning of everything condensed and solved with ‘the nature of infinity’. I’ve explained how we got here and what’s going to happen.

It couldn’t stop there, right?

Well instead of plotting myself in this infinite space/time/existence plane, I began to think of the circumstances revolving this ‘infinity complex’. Not think about the details, but think about what the details form as a whole. Why is this infinity complex to comforting to me? It’s not consistent with my thinking at all. I try to stay away from ambiguous theories and stick to being as specific and as consistent as I can be. I thought about this for some time. It hit me hard. I’ve given ‘infinity’ religious attributes. Allow me to explain.
Christian based ‘religion’ (any religion with Jesus/Moses/Genesis) is a zero-responsibility organization in the fact that they offer the excuse that since we “can’t understand” gods will, nor should we question it, we shouldn’t worry about it. This does not sit well with me as I prefer to take responsibility for my actions and act on my own accord, instead of feigning kindness to save a spot in some shiny clouds. What does this have to do with infinity? Well, I’ve forsaken post-infinity enlightenment because I can’t comprehend it, just as religious people cannot comprehend gods will. God is now called ‘infinity’ and I’ve solved all of my sleepless nights by giving the word godly powers, and leaving it up to ‘it’ to sort out what I can’t. I can see the allure; it’s easier to think around this theory as it acts more as a foundation rather than the details that add to it.

This leads me to think on the human timescale. Despite our excellent capacity to learn and evolve on a mental basis, I think physically we’re very weak and primitive. Our survival in the world prior to our explosion onto the scene as a dominant creature was not based on our physical make up. We got by because of our brains and our capabilities to craft tools and build fires, so on and so forth until we’re hundreds of feet off of the ground in a skyscraper, even tens of thousands of feet in a jet airliner going 600 miles per hour. It has to end somewhere, right? What and where is our precipice? I don’t think we realize the enormity of the power withheld in the human genome. Properly mapping out our DNA sequences and learning what proteins control what parts is an extremely vital part in our future evolution.

The human body is weak and frail in comparison to other animals on the planet. But just like they evolve their bodies to further survive, we must evolve our minds and bodies in order to continue surviving. The earth gets smaller every day, shoulder room is dwindling, and we’re on the fast track to oblivion. They key to us becoming a dominant space-faring species is to evolve our bodies quickly in order to keep up with our knowledge pace. Our ability to learn and discover is plotted on a terribly short time span when compared to how quickly our bodies naturally evolve. The Catholic church among other religious organizations vehemently disagree with the notion of altering our children and ourselves through the human genome, as it is one of the few things that they cling to in order to validate their religion. Only god can create unique children, and only through traditional reproduction will this happen. A soul is unique and granted by god’s grace. If science determines that in fact, is not true, then there will be some problems with the integrity of the church’s claims.

To say that god is a scientist is to say that the sun is bright. It needn’t be said at all, it’s just known. Why would ‘god’ create a race of people that are made in his image strictly to worship him and serve his divine purpose of…? Well, that’s up in the air. God is perfect in his logic and thinking, so why would he be so callous and prideful of himself where he would make something that worships him? He wouldn’t. Well, at least, not in the manner that all major religious organizations would like for you to believe. This is only one of the many logical fallacies that plague these groups.

How does this relate to the human genome? Well humans can only learn and know so much. We are severely limited by our bodies. Traveling through space is no easy undertaking, and with current space traveling proposals, would take multiple generations of people living on the same self-sustaining spacecraft to reach the nearest galaxy. That is not feasible. We’ve got the knowledge (or we’re about to) to change ourselves according to our needs. Let’s evolve how we want to evolve. Expanded brain capacity, improved life cycle, extended lifetimes, thicker skin, better eyesight, all of these things can be beneficial to our advancement into the unknown. Think of our bodies as a computer. You need more space, well, just throw another hard drive into it. Need expanded processing power? Buy a few gigs of RAM. Need a bigger monitor? Buy a bigger one. Upgrading the human body to keep up with the information we acquire through our lives is eventually going to be a mandatory change. It may not happen in my generation, or the next one, or the one after that. Someday, we will all need to evolve to better cope with the fact that the Earth is home, but there’s more beyond it. We will surely perish altogether if we restrict ourselves to this planet only. The expedient nature of the genome means that evolution no longer takes millions of years of trial and error and some coincidence. Within a single generation, we can evolve our bodies to accelerate our evolution. We do not need to limit ourselves anymore. Self-flagellation in the name of God will get us nowhere.

The Nature of Infinity/Deliberate Self Evolution

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One of my many early morning revelations that probably mean nothing.

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