Too many lies and games being played, millions slain lying in graves, mothers and fathers crying in pain, brothers and sisters falling hand in hand, not even protecting their own land, yet the band, played on, a solemn tune, let some wives and daughters, reunite with fathers, but not near enough, to call their bluff, to not sniff cocaine and let pills control their brains, reality is, we are few kids, strong men and women, heaven sent angels, and hell raisin devils, we expect a higher level, elevation is height, education is light, keep stealing it back like thieves in the night, the robin hoods of today with so much more to say, speaking out with definitive thoughts, and prophetic linguistics, preaching to never be a statistic, we just cant stop, the massive thought, process, the data, and expect collateral damage, money mange, go on a rampage, invest in ideas, not government sleaze, ask the lord pleas, turn wine into milk and milk into cheese, bible beliefs, disaster relief funds, mutual or trust, disgust, discuss why we are killing each other, like the wild wild west, out here we like to protest in the streets smoking weed, being as loud as we please, uniting hippies and g’s and scholars and p’s, and everyone who believes, dropping degrees, making the crowd freeze, helping to bring enforcement to their knees, spreading like an airborne disease, over seas and over mountains, I’m fluid like fountains!

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