Hello My Name is Jason,
Photography has managed to occupy a large amount of my interest in recent years, I had a year of Mentoring under a Master Photographer, since meeting him we have become good friends. I do some Professional Work under the Trade Name Eternal Captive Photography.
I live in Southern Alberta in Western Canada.
I have had many life experiences which intensify my endearment for nature and the beauty that is naturally found in my Region.
Have a strong sense of Black and White, and tend to lean more towards producing images which are not outside that which can be achieved in a Dark Room. My Post Processing is Exclusively carried out in Adobe Lightroom, though my older images were processed in Nikon PictureProject and Nikon NX Software. All of my image are shot in RAW NEF File formats and Converted to JPGs to upload to Redbubble.
I appreciate your comments, reviews, and criticisms; by these I am encouraged, to strive and continue to share the things that I have captured, as well I am encouraged to learn and grow.
I have met a lot of talented people here at Redbubble whom I respect and am encouraged by, I am extremely thankful to be a part of such a Diversified yet Unified and Friendly community, amazing to think about how many people from all around the world have come to reside and share a common interest in Photography and Artistic Expressions of imagery and Writing.

Please do not use my Images in any way under any form in part or Whole without my written express, all my Photos are Copy Right Protected, All rights reserved © 2008 Jason Laderoute and Eternal Captive Photography. Failure to abide by Copy Right Laws by performing illegal use or reproduction will result in legal action.
My Images can be bought as Cards and as otherwise listed here at Redbubble.com, any further questions concerning Rights of use beyond what is available here you may feel free to contact
or Bubble mail me here at Redbubble.com.
If you have a need to contact me via Email please state such in a Bubblemail as I have removed my Personal Email because of the inconsideration of INSIPID people who troll for the ability to SPAM

Photography seemingly adopted Jason D. Laderoute, though at first there were struggles which persisted to cast a shadow of mystery, but with the challenges and frustrations Jason followed veraciously after his passions to capture with his Nikon what already his eyes beheld. Preferring the Expression of Mood a large portion of his works are Only available in Black and White, though being surrounded with the unique Beauty of the Southern Alberta Rocky Mountains, of Western Canada, Jason cannot leave out the Vivid Effervescence that Color brings to the Natural Wonders which he encounters. Semi-Professional since 2006, Jason continues to grow and makes himself available to do so for Wedding and Portraiture Photography, although his delight is in being lost, wild and free, in wilderness of Alberta, or wherever he may find himself.

  • Joined: March 2008


A bit of Suspensful Australian History

I stumbled across this wonderful article on a Famous Failed Expedition across the Australian Outback, I thought I would share it with those who would appreciate the fascination and intrigue I did so compellingly experience.
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What a thrill!!! Empyrean Monotone #5 Makes to the Home Page

I was alerted to this by the Great HM Bascom, and then it was reiterated by Jenna…amazing / but when I went to see it on the Home I didn’t not find so I thought it was meant the Home Page of the Group. Then Isa Emphatically sets me straight and sure enough it was Curated and so My Surprise was Full and definitely a Surprise!!!!
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Thank you For the Feature

I would like to Thank Jenna / and the rest of the Hosts of Stunning Skyscapes Group For Featuring Empyrean Monotone #5 / I appreciate the Pick and the exposure on the Home Page ;O)
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I reduced my Tags to Ten or Less this evening

As for all the ruckus over Tags, I think the Less Particle one is with Tags the More Accurate the Search Engine of the WWW are able to become by Default. No Horsin around with Stupidity. / As for the amount of time it took it was Peanuts for more than Fifty Works I was no more then 30 minutes at it. / I am in Total Support of Peters Decision for the Ten Tags Limit. Ten Perhaps is Sufficient, and …
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