Not everyones going to like your work

I have to say that being an artist or photographer involves some who may not like your work or may suggest things that you take offense to.

Last night I commented on an artists painting of a woman that clearly showed her ribs. To me I find that disturbing that someone would paint a woman looking almost anorexic unless that was the topic they were looking at. I find it socially irresponsible with so many women struggling with eating disorders and making themselves so thin.

I believe I am entitled to my opinion and instead of pointing out nicely that I am this person was very rude and childish on my page. Finding a photo and leaving a comment saying "I don’t like this it is lame "which I’d expect from a child but not an adult.
They also left a comment saying if you don’t like my work do not comment how are they ever going to grow as an artist if anyone who doesnt like their work is told they are lame because they have a different opinion. That being that I don’t like to see women portrayed that way.

good luck in the art world because with an attitude like that you will not last long.
The art world is one of many critics and if you can’t take criticism then dont be an artist and don’t put it out there for the world to see.

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