I love you this much...really.

Break down and sob.
Let the storm take over,
and crack your eyes
as the flood of sorrow
drowns your most precious dreams.
The dust and shadows are my only friend
in this prison cell you’ve damned me to.
Every beauty that decked your heart
is lost forever in the mad abyss
that is your mind.
You want so much to be insane,
that insanity, for you,
is a compliment. An achievement.
Glittering tear drops are shoved back
into the deepest part of my soul,
just so you won’t be able to see
what you do to me.
Your insensitivity,
and lack of recognition
is sharper than any blade
that has ever touched my ivory skin.
The scars from you will never heal,
and I’ll be left in this prison…

which is your memory.

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