I am what you would probably call a mountain man from very North Alabama. I have trapped,fished,hunted,and dug wild roots for a start. I have deer in my yard every night. To some folks that would be a vacation wonderland but I guess I take it for granted. The farthest north I have been is Indiana and I would not have went there but I was trying to push an invention.In January of 98 my father died and then in December of 98 my brother died of cancer. In Febuary of 2000 my oldest son died in a car wreck. He was 22 and had no I.D. I had to go to the morgue and identify him. I always carry my I.D. now. Then in November of 2000 my mother died. Some of this happened while my youngest son was on tour in Iraq. He spent 2 tours and came back 30% disabled. I was worried about him and that is when I started writing poetry. I remarried my 3rd wife and adopted her 9 year old son. He is 17 now and her (Patti) my adopted son and my other son and his wife are about all the family I have left. There is also a 27 year old stepson and his wife but they live in T-Town and we don’t see them much. As far as me, I have been disabled for nine years with a plate in my neck and one in my lower back. I have degenerative arthritis and I stay on some pretty heavy pain meds but I’ve been on them so long I don’t get geeped and they don’t help with the pain like they used to but I am lucky compared to some. Well, I suppose that is enough to bore ya’ll to death so I will Juat say May God Bless and I look forward to reading some of ya’lls writings. Thanks Stan Howard

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