Goodbye from RB for some time :)

Hi Bubblers & my fellow friends,

Since last few months I am going quite busy behind the bubble pages in the real life and a serious thought is rising in my mind to stay away from RB for some time. I cannot predict how long it’ll last but I’ll be absent from here for sure. Initially, I thought to call off everything here & wind up but later I decided not to do so. It’s not just with RB but FB also. I’ll be leaving the hosting of my group Nirvana soon. :)

My account will be live but I’ll not be here. I miss you all for your support, comments, features and much more. Everything was a part of my life for last few years & everything I enjoyed is still flowing in my veins :)

I miss you all for your love & the unspoken bond we shared all here.

You may reach me on my mail –
If you have whatsapp on your mobile just drop a mail of your mobile details on my email. I’ll reach out there for you.


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