WoooOHooooO!!! I am 10000 club member.

FDPFers & Bubblers,

I just have observed in my profile, I have joined 10K club, today, with 10066 views till now :)

It has :

Total 119 photographs posted with 29 photographs in 100’s club. 9 on the edge to join the club. 10 photographs FEATURED in different groups. So many comments, favoritings and friends countless who added me to their watch lists.

I have tried to keep my gallery compact, so that everyone can go through it. I going very slow, as learning a lot here. Trying to be careful while shooting, processing and working. Still have to learn more and more. Your support has helped me a lot.

I know it’s an endeavor, which is going on. What I know is a few months back, I was never thought, I’ll get such a stunning support.

What a great feeling here. Thanks for all bubbler friends who, supported me all the time here.


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