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Just a few more days

Today is Sunday August 10th so now there is 5 days to my sons wedding … i have been on vacation but last week i got a gum infection so have been out of commission for almost 4 days, thank goodness the swelling has gone down and i am finally beginning to feel more like myself and have little pain now. I get very frustrated when i can’t do what i want and need to but yesterday i took Niko to the beach as she was very understanding of my malady.
Also Mina showed me her dress last night and i cried, she is going to look exquisite and i will be taking lots of photos and i want everyone to see what a wonderful needle person and designer she really is. I also managed to get a Lincoln for a few hours so that she can arrive in style!!!
Anyway i’d best go as i am looking for a nice garden setting to take wedding shots.
Thanks everyone for being so supportive and i’m sorry i’m a bit late in replying to comments and leaving my own to your wonderful work.
Hopefully next week i will get a little free time as 2 of my best friends are able to help from Wednesday, i’m a very lucky lady
luv and hugs

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