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Always loved art and now especially photography. I’d love to be able to shoot wildlilfe but unfortunately is not possible when you...


Last few months

Hello everyone, as always missing time spent on RB. A few things have happened lately which have put me a little on hold with many things. I actually fractured my ankle then got the flu so was off work for 4 weeks and haven’t been out shooting much either as couldn’t hardly walk for a couple of weeks.…

However now I am getting back to normal and went back to work and my martial arts last week thank goodness. Mind you I did get alot of things done at home, like sorting out clothes and cupboards and things and had lots of rest which I suppose I needed.

November I will be exhibiting some artwork at one of the legions in Toronto so that should be fun.

Also have a new granddaughter Victoria who is absolutely gorgeous and will have to submit a photo soon.

Also have been trying to help my son

Bert & Ernie

Just want to say thank you so much for whomever bought a card of Bert and Ernie I really appreciate it and am so glad you enjoyed enough to buy.
All the best

Card Sold

Thank you so much to the person who purchased a card of Niko and Alfie, I really appreciate it and do hope that you enjoy tremendously. All the best, Patrcia.


Wow thank you so much to whomever purchased a canvas print of “Colourful Mini”. I am very happy and hope that you will enjoy this work immensly.

I also sold 3 photos to a lawyer in my office so I am really really excited about this.

Thanks again for your wonderful support.


All the best.

Card sold

Thank you so much for the person who bought a card of my “digital flower” that really makes me happy. Feb 12.10. Enjoy.
Patricia hugs

Back on Track

Hi Guys
I finally have a computer, my friends came up from Michigan on Thursday afternoon and brought me a new computer which believe it was a PRESENT, unreal, my friends are so the BEST, anyway now they have gone home and am getting back to normal and feel so blessed!! Have missed you guys but will be online more now I have a working computer, awesome!!!! I am sooooooo lucky


Wow I cant believe that I got 4 features for “Rain in the City”, I haven’t been on bubble for a few days again as I have been so busy at work and then painting and dealing with what life throws at you that I didn’t even kinow until tonight, it’s after 1:30 am right now. This has made me so very happy and honoured that you like this shot so much but I knew it was a really good one.
Thanks to all you lovely people for your continued support which I truly appreciate and I know that I am learning and getting better eveyr day.
Also my tele has gone on the blink so I don’t know what I am going to do as I cant afford a new one with Christmas coming up, oh well I will have to do without my BBC Canada for a while!!!
Thanks again so very very much, love and best wishes to you all.
Patricia xoxoxoxox

Can't Stop!!

Hi Guys
As some of you know I was off last week after my second eye surgery and I went to the art store and bought so many paints and canvases and I have been doing them all week and I can’t seem to stop painting and even this morning I was painting, I don’t know why but it is amazing therapy and makes you feel fantastic when you see something come together so quickly and its also surprising what you can do when you start putting that paint on anyway the main reason I wanted to do some canvases is that we are having a craft show at work in a couple of weeks and I wasn’t sure what to donate as some of the money is going to the United Way of Toronto,
It has taken up some of my time for reviewing and uploading new images as at the weekend 2 of my bestest friends came up from Michigan and Tim h…

My absence

Hi everyone, sorry to have been off line for a few days again as I had my second cataract surgery last Friday Oct 23 and am now getting back to normal and trying to catch up on things at home before I go back to work. I can definately see better so it was well worth the inconvenience and it is just remarkable what these surgeons can do these days and if any of you need cataract surgery don’t fret as it is quick and painless!!!
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.
All the best.

More Features

Wow this is just amazing as I have had so many shots featured the last week for which I am soooo grateful for as a couple of these are very very dear to me – Happy, Love, Friends Again, Altered Iron, Alley – thank you so very much I really appreciate all of these features.

I know that my photography has improved since I’ve been a member of Red Bubble and I really appreciate all the lovely comments and support from so many lovely generous people on this site,

Sept. 10/09

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