Facebook Fan Page List, I am so far behind!

Just a quick note to apologize to everyone for my lack of commenting recently. I have just been overwhelmed with obligations, art, writing a book, and keeping my kids entertained. A lot of work but fun and I wouldn’t change a thing.

On a side note, I have a list on my Facebook Fan Page where artists have been contributing the links to their Facebook Business Fan Pages and you are welcome to add yours if you have the time and are utilizing Facebook to promote your artwork. At this point we are up to 150 artists and I have been promoting the list every week through various sources as well as featuring a few artists from the list every Friday. It has been a lot of fun, generated great networking opportunities for everyone, and has created some great engaging content. It also helps generate some fans for some of the artists in the list who are just beginning to utilize Facebook. Feel free to contribute.

Here is the link:

Facebook Artist Fan Page Link List
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