So… does anybody else suffer from the dreadful fear of spiders?

Here in Washington it’s spider season and I’ve already found 2 of them in the last 2 days. Just caught one that was moving really fast on my bedroom wall and flushed it down the toilet….

Just at the sight of them I freeze up, get goosebumps, start itching, twitching and start to semi hyperventilate. So it’s worse when I have to get rid of them myself…
I try and be fair and capture them with a glass and paper to put them outside…
but sometimes, I’m so horribly offended by their presence that if somebody is around I’ll ask them to take care of them for me (which usually means death for the spider).
This fat one on my bedroom wall just… really offended me. It seemed very jumpy and angry. I’m still horribly freaked out….. (partially why I’m writing about it).

Of course I was just about to go to bed… when my cat jumped from my bed to my computer chair and stared intently at the ceiling area above my computer. I was like… oh shit… because she always notices them before I do. I don’t think I’d have noticed it if it weren’t for her. She’s my little spider detector. Half the time though if I’m not around, she’ll try and get them and play with them (and ends up killing them). Which is fine with me… but then I have to deal with cleaning up their body.

Ugh. I’m still itching all over…. and I’m probably going to have nightmares now…
because it’s a 50/50 chance I will have bad dreams after dealing with a spider(s). The smaller ones aren’t that big of a deal…. but these are the big house spiders (we get Hobo spiders). And they have large abdomens, large pincers or fangs (not sure which) and long hairy brown legs………..

And the nightmares I have about them are most often so bad that they end up waking me up. I mean… they’re really bad. And they always start out at a reasonable size in my dreams and then as the dream progresses they get bigger and bigger.


I can handle blood and gore and horror…. but I can not handle spiders. A couple months ago, I had a fairly small garden type spider land in my hair and play dead (I saw it in the mirror)…. that freaked me out enough, but when I grabbed toilet paper to get rid of it and looked back in the mirror it had stretched out to it’s full size and started crawling down towards my face…. I was in horror. I had mere seconds to grab it before it got any lower. It gave me a panic attack and I was nearly in tears. Then in another situation, I was in the car with a friend once and a fairly small spider dropped from my rear view mirror onto my lap. I was driving and trying not to swerve and get us in a car accident. But I was swearing up a storm freaking out trying to get it off of me. I had to pull over and then it just perfectly decided to crawl away from me and out the car door that I had opened. We were able to laugh after the fact at the obscenities that came out of my mouth…

Anyways… I suppose I will attempt to go to bed now…. it’s well after 5am….
and I have my cat to snuggle with.

Anyone care to share your Arachnophobia stories?

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