Just wanted to thank everyone for the continued support here! That includes all the comments, faves, watches and whoever you are out there buying my work!
My life is sort of stressful right now. No job, money is tight, trying to get stuff rolling with my photography.. stressful home life really. So I don’t have time to respond to everyone. But I read all your comments and reply if I get a chance. I also host like 7 groups and that takes a lot of time and energy. Not to mention I’m a Volunteer Gallery Moderator for Photography over on www.Deviantart.com and that’s tiring too.

I also wanted to say that I’m having a great experience here on RB and it’s been nice ever since I joined. Everyone is really nice. I know there are people who probably come across my work and don’t like it, at least the dark aspects to some of it. But instead of leaving immature comments (which is a very common type of behavior on deviantart) they keep their comments to themselves. I think that’s partly because the audience here is a lot more mature and can handle the art world better. People here are more accepting of different interests and ideas. There are even groups here for highly religious people where they can practice their beliefs and express themselves and I don’t see anybody harassing them. (Just using that as an example, I don’t like organized religion but if they want to express themselves that’s perfectly okay). On other websites I find it’s harder to express yourself without people putting you down. But everyone here is so welcoming and supportive, it’s really refreshing.

So just sharing the love everyone. :-)

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