Shoes are Falling From The sky

My god, who ever thought of this place….you are a lifesaver, seiously..a place where I can vent and say what I want and need to day, and at this point I do not even care if anyone agrees with me or would rather me “be quiet” God we have to have a talk ….I seriously cannot take anymore being thrown my way.. I know that some say that nothing given to you is more than you can handle…SORRY I do not believe that right now..And I am SO DAMN angry at eveything……When the hell can I have just a few hours of peace… plate is so damn full that I fell like one of those wind up dolls running around, with a plastic smile on her……Now my dad is in the hospital sick, so my poor mom with her cancer … all wants is to be with him at all times, just cant work, hospitals are full of germs, with her low whitle count , not a good place, so she is angry at me dad is angry at me, I have their unruly 3 dogs over here when Sophie is so sick…..SoRRY god you are going to have to turn me into more than one person, because one person cannot handle all of this esp without help from thier own family or their in-laws…I feel like I am on speed or something because I am constantly shaking and every noice or sound just makes me jump…sleep is a foreign word, can anyone tell what the hell that is??? I would sure like to know…And my beloved back the hell up or next time you wil be sorry, I will never be touched like that again!!! God it is so sad I a just siting here wating for the next shoe to drop….it always seems to at time like this….. God I am so pissed and hurt right now and you know what I do not feel the slightest bit guilty for once,…..Oh god yes I do..see what a stupid idiot I am cant even feel upset without guilt…that is pathetic.. I am sorry I have gone on long enough… if I didnt get some of this out it was gonna litrally poison me more…So for those that did not want to read this I am truly sorry…

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