Attention: new talent in the bubble...

Hi guys….
just a quick note….if you guys get the chance please check out the wonderful writtings of someone who is very special to me….he is like a son to me…not of my womb…but of my heart…..he is literally a part of my family….he is best friends with my son Christian…and his passion is writing also….I told him about RB and said he should put up some of his work..he was a little unsure at first, thinking that people would think he was just a 14 yr old kid without talent…but i managed to get him to sign up and put some of his work up…now I maybe a little biased for I love him so much…but I think he has amazing talent and potential!!!! I wish that I had that potential when I was 14 LOL!! Please check him out….Love Trish..


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