The Best Dammed Day

I awoke slowly and stretched, the joy of being alone in a bed, no fighting for space but also the sadness in turning and not seeing anyone there.

The lizard, obviously a male … typical … sneaks into bed with you and enjoys all the comforts and then pisses off early in morning.
I knew he had crept into bed with me, there were only two of us in the room, and that certainly was’nt my shit on the pillow, lucky me, I had found a friend … the dirty little bugger.

There seemed to be a lull in the constant humm from the generator, yeah, I was right, they were newlyweds, they were going at it like rabbits … aaah, it was,nt just the generator making some of those noises hahahahahahaha, a quick shower … then out my door … whispering softly as I passed theirs … “Go for it man, the jellybean jar is starting to empty”

Any sane person would start to explore, and being sorta sane, I did.

Bugger the view and the pretty gardens
….“Where is the Bar”
…. “I’m Hungry”

What to do, there was an abundance of things to do, see, touch, smell and taste. I did what I always do, walked out the front and waited for a local bus. It soon arrived and I got on, handed over one old button (these buttons I carry around, they are worth their weight in casein formaldehyde)

The aircon in the bus was working perfectly (no windows) and soon it filled with produce, a couple of pigs, one dead, one alive, I preferred the dead one, it was’nt making any noise, colourful, breathtakingly beautiful women and men (the women were beautiful of course) and neatly dressed shy children dressed in sparkling white school uniforms. I felt something touch the nape of my neck, almost whispy, and I knew it was’nt the lizard. A young girl, maybe 5 or 6, was running the tip of her finger, up and down the nape of my neck, this stopped when I turned and smiled at her, her returning smile more than made up for all the crap that had happened, just to get to this place.

The bus stopped it seemed every 500 metres or so. A steady flow of movement on and off, waves and shouts all smiling white teeth. I am not sure where I was going, but I was having so much fun and I have always found if transport is going one way, it will return the same way … maybe.

“Excuse me” and my head turned. “Exactly where are you going?” a shaved, bullet headed man enquired.
“To town” I replied
“Oh … well this bus is not going to town, its going across the island, dropping the school children off”
Inwardly … “aww shit … done it again”
“But it does come back this way” he said after a moments silence.
“Ooooh, that is good” replying

The bus stopped at a large roadside store, the driver invited me to get out and stretch my legs, I did’nt know that there had been a discussion about me between the driver, his off-sider and the the bullet headed man. I walked into the store, it was larger than it seemed. The driver purchased two large bottles of beer, it looked so inviting, I did the same … I was’nt driving …. aww shit, but he was. It came about that the driver had forgotten about me and forgot to ask where I was heading … aww well, it was a great way to see the countryside.

The bus continued on, with just four of us on board, the driver taking huge gulps of beer from the bottle near his feet and from around the corner …. a friggin police car on the side of the road … random breath tests I thought …. nah, not possible. The bullet headed guy, with quick move of his hand and his eyes, advised me to hide my opened beer as the bus slowed and stopped. The policeman got on board, had a quick look around, smiled and got off, waved and the bus continued on. The driver, visibly shaken, you had to be blind not to see the opened beer by his feet, chuckled to himself, his off-sider slapping him on the back.

So what I thought was just a quick run into town, turned into a feel good day of exploration.

Sure enough the bus, returned the same route, school children got back on and I recognised the little one who had touched my neck, shyly she came up to me and then sat on my lap and peered into my face … I looked around, waiting for someone to grab me and throw me off the bus for being a perv … or worse …..

“She is interested in the colour of your eyes, how green they are and your soft wavy pale hair” a voice from behind me said.
“I will tell her to stop if it causes you distress”
“No, it is fine” I replied turning and smiling my best smile.

Her fingers pressed into the tiny freckles on my face, watching them disappear and then magically reappear, ran her fingertips up and down my arms, watching the hairs stand up and then lay back down, turning her head from side to side, closing one eye and then the other.

The only thing I could offer her to drink, was a beer.

She soon got off the bus, stood on the side of the road, I smiled and waved, she did the same, just smiled and waved, she turned and skipped off up a dirt track …. I would have loved to hear the conversation with her family, about me, when she got home.

The bus pulled up at the front of the hotel, I shook the drivers hand, his off-sider and slipped him two more buttons for the fun day I just had. He looked into his hand and said “Paper money would not go astray”. I looked at him, he smiled, I smiled. “You have just had a damm fine day, its worth more than two buttons”

I agreed, I just did have the the best dammed day.

The Incredible Pooh @2009

The Best Dammed Day


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