Werewolves - Are You One of Them?

When talking about legendary creatures or myths, what come into mind? Creatures like Dragons, Vampires, Unicorns, Mermaids, Krakkens, Sea Monsters, Fairies, and Leprechauns come to mind, right? And Werewolves are no exception. What ARE Werewolves, anyway? Have you ever thought about that? Werewolves are humans with the ability to transform into a wolf-like creature either purposely or involuntarily by seeing a full moon. Sometimes a Werewolf can control itself, but often they do not. The Werewolf takes over the human being completely most of the time, and the human doesn’t stand a chance. He or she has no choice but to kill & kill, and eat afterward. However, some Werewolves aren’t really evil. Like Dragons, most people consider them evil & run for cover or attack them the moment they meet one. What if one of your relatives is a Werewolf? What if one of your friends is a Werewolf? But…what if you learned that you YOURSELF is a Werewolf? What would you do? Check out these signs & symptoms & see if you or one of your family & friends is a Werewolf!!!

-Look at your eyebrows. If they join in the middle, that is one sign that you are a Werewolf.

-Are you afraid of water? If so, that is another sign that you’re a Werewolf.

-Do you have a liking to raw meat? If you like it, that is the third sign you’re a Werewolf.

-Are your hands hairy? Is your body hairy? If so, that is the fourth sign that you’re a Werewolf.

-Do you feel & act like a dog? If you are, that is the fifth sign you’re a Werewolf.

-Do you have an urge to howl at night when the full moon rises? If you do, holy smokes, you’re a Werewolf!!!

If three or more of these signs apply to you or to anyone, you/he/she are Werewolves…!!!

How do I know these info, you ask? I am a Werewolf. I should know. And I’m proud of it. I do not kill. But I can fall into a trance when I’m angry. And hell, you should see how I act when I get mad. (SPOiLER: I act like a wolf.)
Just today, my classmate teases me about the guy I like. I’m kinda shy to him, although we had been best friends. Because he doesn’t appear to like me anymore after I told him I liked him. How weird. If you’re asking me why I told him that I liked him in the first place, that’s because I thought he liked being liked!!! Because one time, as we were climbing up the stairs, he told one of my classmates, “Isn’t that the one who likes me? I’m so cute after all!” And so, when he asked who I liked & admired, I didn’t have the guts to tell him. Instead, I pointed. NO, I did NOT point exactly at his face, because that would be the same as telling him. So instead, I got his notebook, and of course it has his name on it right? I told him him that ‘I liked whoever’s name stops in front of my finger’. Then I ran my finger around his notebook. Finally, I stopped it slowly on his name. At first, there was no expression on his face. I didn’t see anger, sadness, or joy. But as time went on, it was obvious he hated me. I so hate myself! And so I started trying to be the nicest I can be to him. I even tried to get his attention. But he kept on ignoring me. One day, I gave him my nicest bed in Pet Society. Then in the gift note, I said, “You hate me, and I know it.” The next time I logged into Pet Society, I was surprised at the note he left. You see, he left this note at my Cheddar’s house, saying, “No, I’m not angry. Thanks for the bed.” And so, at school, I asked him about the note. He IGNORED me. But now, I think I’m making progress. One day, he talked to me in the computer lab. Another time at the school mini-fair (our school puts up a cool 3-day fair every year. it has rides like the dinophant, the ferriswheel, the lantern wheel, and the horror booth). When he talked to me in the mini-fair, I was asking if he could take care of my newly bought baby duckling for a while, so me & my best friend could enter the Horror Booth. That was the second time he talked to me. I asked him if he is going to ride on the Ferriswheel, and he told me that he already got on.

So you see, not all Werewolves are bad. This Werewolf (me) even falls in L-O-V-E!!! Just don’t get angry too often! Werewolves are always considered destructive. So if you get angry often, chill down, bro (or sis), or you might cause a lot of temper-tantrums and get into big trouble.

Werewolves - Are You One of Them?


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I am a Werewolf, and I have a lot of friends. This Werewolf, yours truly, also has someone to love. =)
Read on & find out if you are one of the Werewolves – us, I mean. ;)


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