2017: Year of the GIRL

Happy New Year from everyone at Pompeo’s Posse! We’re launching a new design and goal for this year. It’s becoming more relevant than ever to discuss how our topic of filling the silence, and women’s rights are very connected. Every day every minute somewhere a woman is being silenced. She has a right to fill that silence and speak out against being put down, discriminated against, and dismissed. So we are choosing to donate extensively to Rights4Girls this year. Rights4girls is a charity that works close with lawmakers to stop criminalizing young victims of sex trafficking and sexual abuse. They work hard to give girls their voices back.
We do have a goal :
International woman’s day is March 8th. We would love to make 50 dollars to donate by then!
All the designs on our page benefit rights4girls and the previous ones from last year are not available at this time for purchasing. Please consider making this year the year of the girl, and help all women rise and fill the damn silence.

ps: as always Ellen Pompeo follows this charity on her social media and has donated to them previously before and vocalized her support for their work!

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