Esperanza Gallego

Hello Everyone,

Many of you will know Esperanza (Esp) is my co-host in the Around the World group. I knew she hadn’t been well and was waiting to see the doctor. Today I received the following message from her daughter Anna.
I think it is self explanatory.
I have sent an email to Anna sending everyone’s love to pass on to Esp and to let her know we are all thinking of her.
I have asked her to keep me updated and will pass on any information I get.

Hi Polly,
This is Anna, Esperanza’s daughter.
I just want you to know that my mama is pretty sick.
She has stage 4 ovarian cancer.
She did not get a good prognosis with chemo and was not a candidate for radiation or surgery.
She chose to do hospice and is declining very rapidly.

I am asking you if you could please communicate to her Red Bubble friends about her.

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