“Yo, John!” A single pair of eyes turned towards the call as she jumped down from a large tow truck. She was wearing large dark sunglasses and overalls with just a singlet underneath. Despite her rugged appearance of dirt, oil and grease on her face, she was rather attractive.
“What now Carol? Did you do the delivery?” John had hired Carol a few weeks back and she had proved to be very good at what she did but a girl always brought her dramas with her, especially a young one. She was what? 17 if a day?
“Yeah John I sure did.” She walked straight up to him and thrust a long white envelope into his hands. “Next time, how bout you do your own dirty work?” She pushed her shades back onto her head, pushing her short blonde hair back out of her face to reveal a ripe purple, blue and black bruise forming around her left eye, contrasting nicely with the deep green of her eyes. “Shit girl what happened?!” John grabbed an icepack out of the freezer and gave it to her. She pressed it gingerly against her eye. “Well apparently your ‘best customers’ didn’t quite know they had to pay for their engines and thought maybe they could pull one over on the little blonde girl.” John sighed and shook his head. “What did you do to them?” She just looked at him and they started laughing. “It’s not funny John! Next order you can deliver and I’ll keep an eye on the garage aite?!” John laughed. “Alright deal. Make yourself a cuppa and come back out when you can.”
The door slammed open and Carol came out. John looked up. “Hey the bruising went down heaps.” She held up a little hand held compact. “The joys of being a chick and having make up darling.” John smirked. “Oh ha-ha. Can you go sort out those dudes that just pulled in? I think they’re all about your age.” Carol laughed snidely as she headed over to a Silvia parked just inside the garage doors. “Yeah coz I’m just in this job for the boys John.”
“Oi what do you think you’re doing?!” Carol jumped and quickly stepped out of the Silvia she had been checking out. A huge Maori guy was heading her way fast. “You always just jump in peoples cars coz you cant afford your own ay little white girl?!” This guy was angry. She was gonna enjoy sitting him on his ass. “Actually buddy I would be the mechanic who your gonna pay to fix your piece of shit for ya. Better not let that slip out to the guys ay that a chick fixed your car and better yet a white chick fixed it.“ His face suddenly dropped and he looked extremely guilty or embarrassed. Maybe both. “Oh sorry ay didn’t know. I went in the offices no one was there.” She gave him her friendliest smile. “Well, what seems to be the problem with your car my dear?”
So it was a standard job. Nothing wrong with his car at all. Just wanted under the bonnet checked to make sure everything was in order because his car had been smoking and he “didn’t know that was supposed to happen…” Yeah it wasn’t. Doesn’t really take a genius to work that out she thought to herself. So he left with his mate with a promise to be back in a hour.
Only took her 30 seconds to find the problem. He had about 1 millimeter of oil and absolutely no water. It’s a wonder his car hadn’t already died out.
Carol filled his water up to the brim, topped up his oil, gave the engine a clean up and even filled up his windscreen solution. Just as she was finishing up, she heard someone pull up behind the Silvia she was working on. “Who’s that ugly chick pretending to be a mechanic?!” a voice said. Carol almost dropped the container she was holding. What the? She stepped around the side to give someone a piece of he mind. “Oh Joey you idiot!” It was just her friend Joey popping in for lunch as he always did. Without fail, every day. Amused, she returned to her work.
“I didn’t expect to see you today, I thought you were gonna go try for that job at Supercheap Auto?” Joey came round to watch what Carol was doing. “Yeah I might go check it out a bit later but I cant miss lunch with my favorite girl in the world.” Carol just smiled. Joey looked apologetic. “I’m sorry Carol I-“ “No no Joey it’s ok. You don’t need to be sorry.” She felt flustered and wasn’t really too sure what she should say. Joey fixed that problem. “No you made it quite clear we are just friends because you really like that other what’s his name and I shouldn’t push it. You know what? I might just go, and ill catch up with you later ok sorry.” Joey got in his car and started it up. “Joey wait!” Carol couldn’t be heard over the revs of Joeys car. She knew he was revving it on purpose so he couldn’t hear her. And off he went.
“Hey John all good if I knock off now? Not due to for like another half hour but I worked heaps of overtime this week and I really really need a shower!” John looked up from the car he was half in and laughed. “Girls ay not as tough as they make out.” She just looked at him then pointed at her eye which had started to swell and kept watering. “John my dear, despite nearly having the life beat out of me by your “best clients” I have remained at work and worked my ass off. Give a little bit of credit bro.” John shrugged. “Alright get your ass out of here then. Have tomorrow off as well, not expecting anyone and any last minute things I can handle but if not I’ll give you a call.” She ran over to John and hugged him. “Yay thank you Johnny!” John got all awkward and shrugged her off. “Go on, get.” Carol skipped off to get her bag.
3 new txt messages wow. She only checked her phone about an hour ago. One from Joey saying sorry again, one from Cate complaining about her parents again and… one from Jason. Ohmigod. ‘Hey babe what u doin 2nyt?” Ohmigod he called me babe! She sent a quick reply before she gave it too much thought and said something stupid (‘not sure, u got sumthin in mind?”), and slipped her phone into her bag. She really had to get another one, this one was way to big.
“Bye Johnny baby see you next week!” Carol called out as she left. John just shook his head. “Yeah bye Carol.” Carol laughed as she jumped into her car. A Nissan 200sx. Pretty impressive if she didn’t say so herself. She slipped her shades on even though it was dark just in case she saw someone she knew on her way home. She knew Cate wouldn’t be home so she could clean up before anyone saw her.
“Jesus!” That was a close call. Carol had just pulled onto the motorway and some dude nearly slammed into her changing lanes. Was he drunk or something? He was weaving like crazy and only doing like 50. He moved over to the left and Carol sped up to pass him on the right. He swerved drastically to the right and clipped the back left corner of Carols car. “Shit!” Carol screamed and tried to steer into the spin and smacked straight into the barrier. A truck behind her slammed straight into the drivers door.
She woke up in hospital with Cate holding her hand. She could remember everything that had happened. Oh god, had that happened to her? “Carol! Are you ok?!” Carol just looked at Cate and they both cracked up laughing and couldn’t stop till tears ran down their cheeks.
The doctor walked in and smiled. “Good to see you looking a lot chipper Carol.” Carol stopped and laughing and said hi. “Now carol, you are one lucky girl. In all honesty, you should not be here right now but by some miracle, you survived a horrendous car crash. Do you remember any of it?” Carol nodded. “All of it.” The doctor nodded. “yep well, you had some serious internal bleeding but we managed to stop that so you just got to take it easy for a while. No brain damage, amazingly. Very lucky. Your right arm is broken and you have 2 fractured ribs. You probably haven’t noticed that much as we have you on some very strong drugs right now.” The doctor laughed. Carol just stared at him. “Um, ahem. Do you remember the truck slamming into you?” Carol nodded. “Well, he sends his sympathies and you’re very lucky he was only doing about 60 because he had such a heavy load. He is not hurt, just a bit shaken. He was very worried about you. I think he’s outside actually, he wanted to see you. I’ll get him on my way out. So we can discharge you later on today, but you will be on a few painkillers for a while to help the pain with your ribs. And you wont be able to drive for a while also. You have to take it easy for at least a month ok. I’ll get you back in for a check up every two weeks just to make sure there aren’t any complications with anything. OK, any questions?” carol shook her head. “No, thank you so much.” The doctor smiled and turned to leave. “Oh, Carol, are you ok to se that truck driver?” She nodded.
“Oh my god, Jason?!” Jason smiled sheepishly and went round to the side of Carols bed. “Hi Carol, how are you feeling?” Carol wasn’t sure right now. “Um good I guess, considering. Wait, you were the truck driver?” Jason smiled. “Yeah I was gonna try and see you last night and tell you I got a new job but I guess now you already know huh?” Carol laughed and said, “Yeah I guess so. Not really how I would have liked to find out but never mind.” Jason smiled and looked at her. “How are you feeling? Is it very sore?” Cate suddenly stood up. “Coffee. That’s what I need. Back soon. Toodlepip! Jason, coffee?” Jason smiled, “Yes thanks that would be good.” Cate nodded and half walked half flew out the door. “Carol, have I ever told you how weird I think your friends are?” Carol laughed. “Why yes I think you have.”
Jason sat down next to Carol and they just looked at each other. Carol shifted a little. “What’s wrong, are you in pain?” Carol shook her head. “No, no. I’m fine. Your gaze is making me feel a little self conscious is all.” Jason smiled gently. “Sorry. Did you get that black eye from the crash as well?” Carol laughed. “No that’s quite a different story!” Jason laughed and looked down at his hands. He looked rather distressed. “Jason, what’s wrong?” When Jason looked up he had tears in his eyes. “I thought I was gonna lose you girl. You have no idea what that feels like, to think you’re gonna lose the most important person in you life.” Carols eyes filled and she started to sob. Jason suddenly realized. “Shit carol I’m so sorry.” He stood up and held her hand because he couldn’t hug her. Carol had lost her Aunty a few years back. Her Aunty had meant the world to her. She had a hard time getting out of the dark place her Aunt’s death left her in. “Carol, I didn’t realize. I’m so sorry.” Carol wiped her tears away and attempted a smile. “it’s ok, don’t sweat it.”
About an hour later, Cate came back in and gave Jason his coffee. “Ew Cate! It’s cold!” “Well no wonder!” she retorted. “I got it for you like a hour ago! Jeez! Thank you Cate, you’re welcome Jason!” Jason tipped his coffee out and left the room. “Well?” Cate looked eagerly at Carol. “Did the tragedy bring you together?” Carol glared at her. “Are you serious Caitlin?” Cate nodded. Carol laughed. “No, in fact I think the tragedy helped me realize I don’t love Jason. I don’t know what gonna happen now.”

“Thank you so much you did an awesome job. I know who to call next time my car putts out.” Carol smiled and laughed. “You certainly do. Enjoy the upgrade and don’t get too many speeding tickets!” She handed over the keys to Jason and watched him get in the car, rev it and speed off. They had come along way in the last two months. Instead of becoming closer as everyone thought would happen, they drifted away from each other. Today was the first time Carol had seen Jason in about 6 weeks. He didn’t call or text her anymore either. Nothing. She didn’t miss him though, as she thought she would. She thought she had fallen for him hard but now she wasn’t sure what it was she felt for him 2 months ago. Maybe lust? Whatever it was, it didn’t matter now she thought as she closed up the garage. Still, working for John, he trusted her a lot more and gave her some independence with work related jobs. They were even friends outside of work now. Carol jumped as someone banged loudly on the garage door she had just closed. She went round the side and out the back door. Joey was standing outside next to a brand new 200sx. “Joey! Who’s is that?” Joey smiled. “Don’t you recognize it hun? Its yours!” Carol stopped and stared. “but Joey, mines at home, in the garage, I cant afford to fix it and upgrade on top of that!” Joey shook his head. “Nope you cant. But I can. And for who else but the girl of my dreams?” Carol screamed and ran to Joey. “Are you serious?” Joey laughed and nodded. “Affirmative. Try it out.” He held out her keys. She gave him a smirk. “When did you steal these?” Joey looked smug. “Last week.” Carol got in and revved it a few times. It sounded beautiful. She got out slowly and was speechless. “Joey I don’t know what to say.” “You don’t have to say anything, I wanted to do this for you. I love you.” Carol wrapped her arms around Joey and kissed him. “I love you too.”
As Carol drove home her brand spanking new car with Joey sitting shotgun, she couldn’t stop thinking about how far things had come since a couple of months ago. She had been in a bad place back then. And had been hiding it for a while. But it all came out when she had that hour long chat with Jason at the hospital. They told each other things they had never told anyone else before and never would tell anyone else. That ended their friendship pretty extremely and was also when Carol realized she truly loved Joey. Promises were made to each other between Jason and Carol and only one was kept. And that was that what they shared that day, no one would ever know about. No one would ever know they ever shared such things. Carol no longer felt how she used to, ever since she lost her Aunt. She had never been happier and it was all thanks to that almost fatal crash one Friday night.



Auckland, New Zealand

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I’m not too sure about this story to be honest. I loved it at first but after re-reading it it bored me. Feedback would be muchly appreciated :)


girl life tough

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