A Life Together

As she walked down the busy little street, all she saw were mothers out with their children. Mums in their late twenties. Early thirties even. She went over in her head how she would tell Scott she was pregnant. 16 and a mum. She wanted to be a journalist. That would be hard now. She didn’t know if she would have to drop out of school yet. She knew she would need a job with better pay. She also didn’t think Scott would understand. But he had to know.
Standing on the front doorstep, she stood shaking. She hadn’t even txt him to let him know she was coming. What if he was in bed with someone else?! She couldn’t bear the thought. It had been mistake, with them. No, an accident. She wouldn’t let her child be a mistake, no matter what.
As she knocked on the door three times, her eyes began to fill with that spilled down her cheeks. Scott answered the door. He smiled when he saw her but then his expression changed to that of concern. She suddenly realized how handsome he was. How he had his whole life ahead of him as some important person. Popular, attractive, reasonably smart. She couldn’t do this to him; he had too much going for him. She turned on her heels and ran.
She knew he had run after her for a little but she lost him through the back streets. She knew them better. Now what was she going to do? She had school tomorrow and was in almost all off Scott’s classes. She would be unable to avoid him for too long. She couldn’t wag either; she was no good at the really rebellious stuff. She would have to tell him eventually. She could tell him it was someone else’s. That would hurt him more. She really loved Scott. Actual love. And she knew he felt the same way. But would he still?
She walked slowly through the throng of a busy Monday morning. As she avoided eye contact with everyone, she listened to snippets of conversations as she made her way to her locker at the end of the hall. Everyone was catching up after the weekend. She knew they probably all saw each other at last nights party but she didn’t care. Scott was waiting at her locker looking extremely worried. As she turned and headed to English, she figured it wouldn’t be so bad to carry around an extra book or four.
She sat carefully at the front of the class, taking Barry’s seat. He was a nerd; it would do him the world of good to sit at the back for once. Scott came into the class. Typical. She would be the first to class, thinking she could avoid Scott, and typical that Scott would be second into class. She looked down, avoiding his gaze as he stood in the doorway looking intensely at her. She heard him approach and kneel in front of her desk. “I don’t know what’s wrong and I won’t pressure you if it’s making you this withdrawn but I love you and I will always love you no matter what. Even on your bad days babe.” He stood quietly, squeezed her shoulder and made his way to the back of the class. Her eyes slowly filled with tears and she dabbed at them with her school jacket.
Sitting at the furthermost tree, hidden in the shade with a book, she didn’t think she would be found and was surprised to look up and find Scott heading her way. Quick quick an excuse! What could she say that would explain everything but at the same time avoid the actual topic?! She looked up and Scott was standing in front of her. He reached out a hand. She put her book to the side and took it. In a swift motion, he pulled her up and into his arms. She clung to him and silently, the tears formed and slid down her face.
After a while, Scott pulled back. She looked into his eyes and saw such compassion and concern, tears started afresh. He wiped them away with his thumb and pulled her to him, still looking into her eyes. “Talk to me.” In those three words she heard the concern, worry and love she had always dreamed of having. She had it now, but she was ready to throw it all away. She shook her head. “I can’t. I’m sorry.” She looked away, ashamed. She knew she was being unfair but what was she to do? He tilted her chin upwards to his face. “It’s ok. You don’t have to. Whenever you’re ready, let me know. I’m always here for you babe, no matter what happens.” The bell rang and she was glad she didn’t have to say anything more.
She sat at her desk that night, writing a letter to explain everything to Scott. She felt she expressed herself better in writing. She would slip it into his locker the next morning.
She rushed into Math 10 minutes late. She slept through her alarm clock. “Sorry, slept in.” She took her seat and turned. To look straight into Scott’s piercing blue eyes. She had forgotten the letter in her rush. Damn! Another day of avoiding the truth. She turned back towards the front and turned to page 187.
Walking home, she thought maybe she could just drop it in his letterbox. That way, they wouldn’t be at school when he found out. She pulled out her cell phone to txt Scott and say ‘Check your letterbox at 5’. The screen read ‘ONE NEW SMS’. She pushed ok. Reached the side of the road. Checked both ways. The message was from Scott. “Guess what? I still love you =).” She stepped out from the curb, smiling that lovesick, goofy grin. Straight into the path of a school bus.
Scott sat at home still waiting for Cynthia to txt him back. He txt her almost 3 hours ago. He was home alone so extremely bored. He sent her another message. “Hey babe. You got no cred? K I’ll call you in 20 k. xx” that was non committal enough. Someone was at the door. It was Cynthia’s mum. “Hi Mrs. Welson. Everything ok?” She started crying and handed Matt a slip of paper. “I’m so sorry dear, I cow you two were so close. She loved you very much you know, don’t ever forget that!” And she turned and ran off. He was gripped with cold hard fear.
The paper Mrs. Welson had handed him sat on the dining room table challenging him. He opened it.

I’m sorry for acting so weird lately. There is no real good reason as to why I haven’t talked to you, I just didn’t know how to. I’m pregnant. Saturday night. Spur of the moment. It’s yours. I didn’t know how you would take the news and I’m scared. I’m so scared and the last thing I wanted was to lose you. I didn’t honestly believe you would walk away from me but I don’t know. I thought maybe you wouldn’t be able to handle it. I’m sorry. You have so much going for you Scott. You could be anyone you wanted to. I don’t believe I’ll ever be a journalist now. Our child is an accident but I will not let her or him be a mistake.

Let me know how you feel. I understand if you don’t want anything to do with our unborn child. I will move country and you will never see either of us again. Of course, that would always be on your mind.

I love you. I will always love you and whatever your decision, I will always remember you and think highly of you.


By the time he finished reading the letter, he was sobbing uncontrollably.The funeral was a few days later and so many people attended it had to be relocated. There was also a separate memorial service at the school. Scott attended both. He had talked to Mrs. Welson a couple of days ago and found out Cynthia had stepped out in front of a bus and she had died with a smile on her face. Scott knew it was his txt. It killed him to know that.After the funeral, he went and sat under a tree. Thinking of how Cynthia always at under trees to think. He pulled out her letter and read it twice. He spoke aloud to her. “Babe, I know you can hear me. I know you’re with me. I can’t stop thinking about you. I miss you so much. I-I’ve got your letter. As you…you can probably see… I don’t know what to say. I love you. I will always love you. I will never forget you and the times we had together. I will never find someone who lives up to you babe and for a long time I will feel like I am betraying you if I ever get another girlfriend. I’m sorry. She or he would be our child babe. We would have made it work. Every day, I will remember you. You and the life of our unborn child. Bye sweetie.”

Scott never did find true love again and died at the young age of 24. From a drug overdose. He was buried with Cynthia. With his sweetheart at last. R.I.P.

A Life Together


Auckland, New Zealand

  • Artist

Artist's Description

I wrote this when I was actualy going through a really bad time and all my stories I wrote during this time ended with someone dying. It was just the emotional state I was in and the way I expressed myself. This is one of my stories that I am actually really proud of but would appreciate any constructive criticism.



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