What's been up lately

Long time no see, Redbubble! After so long, I have finally added more of my works to my profile. I am satisfied that I have a safe place to store my thoughts, feelings, and other ramblings securely, and all within sight of anyone who wishes to read them. My how things have changed since the last time, I even submitted anything to my page. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions, life-events, and the such. I am so glad to say that where I am now in my life, is exactly where I want to be. Trials and tribulations are like 80 grit sand paper, they wear you down overtime and it takes such a long time to heal. I’m not saying that the experiences that I dealt with before are behind me, because we know that history repeats itself. I’m saying that I have prepared myself to face the new, with positivity, and reflection. So I will be ready to face it again, head-on and with an Army of new solutions, and ways to approach them. Taking out the trash, so to speak, I have cleaned up my lifestyle, and surrounded myself with all things beautiful. God, my amazing Wife, my Daughter, all my wonderful family, friends, co-workers, and just the random people I’ve met. B-e-a-utiful. I plan to spend some time in the near future writing more. I feel that therapy writing has strengthened me to a whole new level. My past failed relationships, money troubles, and other trying issues, are giving me a whole perspective of the things I will never have complete control over, and also giving me writing ideas. That’s something I worry about all the time, the things I don’t have control over. I have learned to let things fall as they may, and work around them, but it’s a fear I have to not know what to expect next. I say that like I’m the only person to which this happens, but we all as a collective human population are all exposed to these issues. I discovered a new criticism of myself. I am too prideful. I pride myself in my accomplishments, and pat my own back way too much. I don’t recognize it as bragging, yet, but I’m sure to many it can be perceived as such. What can I say? I take admiration into the things I can do flawlessly, or without error. That’s healthy, right? It’s not like I’m trying to “Kanye West” my narcissism. Although, he has perfected that ability. Anyways, enough about that guy, I’m just fueling his ego by even mentioning him in this thing. So more about myself. I’m writing this while tired, and making several grammatical errors, and so I’m pretty sure my backspace button is suffering from a concussion. I’m going on about things that are not really important, and are just thoughts coming from my brain and filtered down through my fingers. I’ve actually managed to make a decent journal entry, even though the end portion lost all of its meaningfulness. I’m at the point of tired, where I am going to have to end this entry. So for now, I bid you adieu. Until next time.

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