the story of wednesday

first… my appologies to all my friends and watchers here … i have not published any new photos for AGES…… well simply cause i did or do not have my camera.. STILL NOT i should say.

on september 29th i brought my fuji to the shop. i noticed that it had started to ‘drain’ batteries. i’d put in fresh batteries and after taking only 20 photos the batteries were empty – or at least that is what the indicator showed. the camera would then shut down and that was that. very annoying. so i brought it to the shop where i had bought it and was told they would send it to fuji.

first i was informed… 2 weeks. well… that would be beginning of october… of course.. it was not beginning of october. instead i was told.. oh.. on tuesday… then.. no wednesday… then it was friday… then monday.. tuesday again.. ah NONONONO.. wednesday it is… lalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……… on and on and on it went..

there is no fuji hungary?? aha.. so my camera was sent to austria… frankly.. i couldnt care less. i am NOT happy with this kind of service.. hungary, austria or elsewhere … today at my shop zoli, the salesman announced happily that he had received an SMS that my camera had arrived in budapest…. oh hurray hurray hurray! budapest is still 80 miles away from where i live and from where zoli has his shop.. i wonder i wonder…. will it arrive directly? or might my camera take some kind of detour and be here on … monday… no.. tuesday. or perhaps wednesday?? LOL :)

anyway….. i hope it will be here SOON……. so that i can start contributing to my account here again :)


pat :)

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