Polyvore Letter

I thought that I would share the letter that I sent to ployvore this morning after feeling kinda bad about the previous one yesterday. I was a little crude and felt that it was not in my charecter to leave ployvore with that out look on me. So I E-Mailed them this letter.

I feel that I need to apologize at the rudeness of my letter yesterday. Though its words were meant in there entirety. You have to understand how furious the events pertaining to Redbubble were. That artwork is our livelihood it not a simple hobby it is our heart and soul poured into those images or words. So please understand my anger yesterday. That type of letter was very uncharacteristic of me though the events of yesterday were also very uncharacteristic. I appreciate the prompt response from your site in removing the artwork.
Thank you.
Paul Martinek

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