Last Rays 2008, First Rays 2009 - some really awesome works!

Thought I’d show off some really cool works – Ralph Olsson and I had a little challenge to capture the last rays of 2008 and the first rays of 2009, which we managed to do and since then I’ve noticed other peoples so thought I’d put them together here is one spot – the links at least (haven’t worked out how to embed somebody elses picture yet). Check them out cause they are excellent (of course I’ve added mine at the end!) If you have an image of either the last rays of 2008 or first rays of 2009 let me know and I’ll add it in! Enjoy! Cheers, Paul

Last Rays of 2008 Lake Hume Victoria by Ralph Olsson

Pre Dawn 2 Lake Hume by Ralph Olsson

Beyond the Storm by Simone Byrne

Desert Sunset by Clive

Last Rays 2008 1 by me

First Rays 2009 by me

Enjoy! Cheers Paul

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