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Somebody pinch me!

OMG!!!! It has been over 8 months already since I have been able to be on RB. I have missed all of you terribly, and have thought of you often. Many of you already know that my computer finally went caput….and I did get another computer from a great friend (hugssssss), however, it was a dial-up connection and we have no phone line nor can afford one…, the wait was on. I have been saving $50-$100 a month towards purchasing a new one….but after 8 months have little to show for my efforts.

So much has happened to me over the past 8 months. Where do I start??? My son Jerrid who is 28 and my youngest was diagnosed with cancer in his kidneys…stage 1 and just finished chemo. We have all been doing our best to stay positive and supportive to help him to get better. He decided that for my birthday, he was going to surprise me with a new hard drive for this old computer… he brought it to me today and said…“Now find something to do….it would be nice to see you happy about something!” Well you know, I knew exactly what to do…:D I just need to say…..

Now the bad news….I have been in the hospital for most of August. I had a severe case of cellulitis and am still recovering. I can’t do stairs very well yet, but I can walk around for about 15 min. I have to walk with a cane and have my leg bandaged with nurses coming several times a week. I am not sure how long it will take me to heal but they tell me it could be a year before my leg is normal again. Had my son Nick not taken me to the hospital when he did, I think I would probably be dead. They kept telling me how lucky I was when they saw my leg. I had flu symptoms and my leg was red… swelled 2x its normal size and the pictures I have are quite gruesome. In any case…I am getting better and I am here.

Not sure how long I can be online each day….depends on my grandson, but I will be on for a bit each night. I cannot wait to see what you have all been doing while I have been away…


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