Please Try This at Home is a space to explore and nerd out about the intersections of radical bodily autonomy and biotechnology. It’s a 100% free and open to the public collaboratively-created event with discussions, presentations, and interaction from all participants. You don’t have to be an “expert” to join in; this is a conference for anyone with a body.

We believe that emerging technologies possess the power to liberate people in ways never before seen on earth, but we also believe that they will not live up to this potential unless they are designed and deployed with great care and intentionality—care and intentionality that we find to be conspicuously lacking in these fields. We believe that these technologies will not truly transform society if they are left in the hands of nation states, corporations, and ivory tower academics. We reject all futurisms which apply the technology of tomorrow to reproduce the problems of today. We reject the cult of expertise and the experts who pathologize difference and use that pathology as control.​

Our goal is to start conversations about important work happening at the intersection of art, science, and activism. We seek to do this by bringing together hackers, grinders, reproductive justice advocates, self-made cyborgs, afrofuturists, herbalists, xenofeminists, bodyworkers, anarchotranshumanists, and more in an environment with strong anti-oppressive and liberation-focused values.

All of the art on this account is by our organizer Adam Yanyo, who’s very excited to see you at the conference! <3

  • Joined: September 2019

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