Swans on the Torrens

Arching their necks
Like towers of black marble
Slipping across the textured water
Disdainful in their regard
Of amblers, joggers and cyclists
Probing the hydromurk
For a vermillion beakful
Proud Peers of the Pond
Token nods to their minions
To duck, gull and paddleboat

Bridges and theatres may circle their domain
But their heads will never bow
Cascades may drench their sable plumage
But their feathers are never ruffled.

My gaze seduced by the calmness of their wake
Adding lines to the aquatexture
In languorous circles they catch the eye
Posing naturally for a photo opportunity
Gracious celebrities offer a white-tipped flap
Impressive display of false bravado
Not terrritorial but gastronomical

I blow a kiss as one glides by
It points its head to the faultless sky
And sings a snippet of an ancient song
And shyly continues to paddle along.

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