pat gamwell

Citrus Heights, United States

I am self-taught in both photography and graphic enhancements…and what a fabulous, intensive journey I’m having!!! / My...

*SOLD 500 CARDS!!*


                                                                Wowzaaaaaaaa!……YAYYYYYYYY!…..UNBELIEVABLE! …..


                                                                                                       SOLD 500 JUKEBOX CARDS!!!

Best of Memories by pat gamwell! (SOLD: 2-11-13)

Silver Legacy Casino by pat gamwell (Sold: 2-5-13)

User Friendly by pat gamwell (SOLD: 1-28-13)

Wowzaaaaa…..starting off to be a terrific year!

I joined RB in 2009 just for fun….never expecting any sales. When you don’t expect something, all you can be is excited when it really happens!! lol:)

Break-down of sales as follows:

  • TOTAL SALES…..553
  • 547 Greeting Cards
  • 1 Framed Print
  • 1 Matted Print
  • 1 Laminated Print
  • 3 Photographic Prints

The reality is to identify WHY you are a member of RB……if it’s for the wrong reason, you will constantly be unhappy about something!
I am here for fun, friends and to expand my artistic abilities……..everything else is just “gravy”!

Luv and Hugs to All…..

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