august 21

ah, well, i came back ;)

good to be back actually – good to find myself back with the paintbrush, back playing with words – some of it’s gone on here, some still loitering about the place unscanned / unfinished / unworthy of sharing

feel a bit beaten down by the gremlins, not sure what happens next, hard with no clear anchors pulling me forward to not drown in it all i guess

been here so many times… i know the routine, i know glitches happen, life is bumpy, i’ve been knocked down over and over and i also have learnt how to get up, dust yourself down, rebuild – from the foundations if necessary. And i’m not giving up – i’m just a bit weary, a bit tired of the never-ending reinvention of the wheel

remembering special people tonight – doing this hideous 5k run for charity in a couple of weeks – cant stand running, it’s an evil activity, but this’ll be my fifth year doing it for the MHF because i believe in what they do and the layers of challenge in the even are so poignant for me, and give me a handy kick up the butt to push forward

but i run like a bandy-legged-giraffe and life is so heavy at the moment finding motivation is so tough!

look out for bandy-legged-giraffe inspired stuff coming soon… or just lots of grumbling…

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